Bachelor of Science (Biology)

Degree Awarded : Bachelor of Science (Biology)

The Bachelor of Science (Biology) degree provides an understanding of BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES at the MOLECULAR and CELLULAR levels. It offers broad-based integrating subjects such as genetics, biochemistry, microbiology and cell biology, and does not assume that students on entry have a strong background in chemistry. Both fundamental and applied topics are covered. Graduates of this programme will have sound understanding and knowledge of multiple disciplines and a flexible approach and willingness to embrace new technologies making them well positioned to have exciting and rewarding careers.

The Bachelor of Science (Biology) is a highly structured programme designed to cover both TRADITIONAL and MODERN BIOLOGY which emphasizes coursework and training in many aspects of molecular biology, genetics, phycology, mycology, ecology, enzymology, immunology, virology, DNA analysis techniques, protein isolation techniques, and recombinant DNA techniques. The programme is designed not only to train students in the necessary technical skills but also to provide them with the theoretical basis for continued study.

The first two years of this programme is emphasized on the compulsory fundamentals accounting theoretical and technical skills. Students are then exposed to more advanced knowledge in biology during their third year of study. Teaching is via lectures, supervisions, assignments and laboratory classes. A research experience is an important component of the Bachelor of Science (Biology) programme. In the final year, students conduct laboratory-based research projects which are integrated with the expertise of our academic staff. This experience is invaluable in the intellectual development of a student and in their subsequent search for technical positions in industrial, medical or government research laboratories. The programme also provides opportunities for students to engage in diverse and interdisciplinary research areas, ranging from molecular biology, with its potential to revolutionize medicine and agriculture, to ecology, with its applications for sustainable management of the environment. It is aspired that these research fields will satisfy and meet future challenges in improving the quality of human life as well as sustaining the habitats and biodiversity.

Selected students will be offered to join study abroad programme at University of Kent, United Kingdom. This programme allows students to be exposed to different ways of teaching and learning process, gain new and more advance knowledge in biotechnology and promoting students enthusiasm to be part of biotechnology player at the international level.

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