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Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical-Bioprocess)

Bioprocess Engineering is an engineering dicipline where biotechnology and natural based products research are being transformed to industrial setting to fuel the current and future world economic powerhouses.  In this program, various engineering principles especially chemical and bioprocess are applied to design, develop and evaluate processes that utilize biological based materials (eg:animals, plants, microorganisms) to produce products.  Throughout our four years of intensive training and industrial exposure, students will experience state-of-the-art-technologies that will pave the way for professional bioprocess engineering qualifications.  The graduates will be well versed in mathematical-based engineering analysis that will be enable them to explain the physical, biological and chemical processes of complex biological systems and design processes that will yield products which could create wealth, promote health and promote sustainability.  The sectors served by bioprocess engineers are in the area of medical, food, environment, agriculture and many more.

Career opportunities

The demand for Bioprocess Engineers in Malaysia is enormous.  To realize Vision 2020 and beyond, the goverment is actively pursuing the establishment of biotechnological-based industries in Malaysia through various Economic Corridors such as Iskandar Malaysia in Johor.  The goverment of Malaysia’s commitment in promoting biotechnology industries is reflect in the fund allocated in the ninth Malaysia Plan and futher enhanced in the tenth Malaysia Plan.  The establishment of Malaysia Biotechnology Corporation and others will nourish the expansion of existing industries while encouraging more relevant industries to participate in the new economic endeavors. Our bioprocess engineers are designed to lead biotechnology related industries and equipped with versatile and balanced capability to accomodate other industries such as chemical, petroleum, polymers, oil and gas.

Program Specifications
1.   Programme Name Bachelor in Engineering (Chemical-Bioprocess)
2.   Final Award Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical-Bioprocess)
3.   Awarding Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
4.   Teaching Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
5.   Professional or Statutory Body of Accreditation Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
6.   Language(s) of Instruction English and Bahasa Melayu
7.   Mode of Study (Conventional, distance learning, etc) Conventional
8.   Mode of operation (Franchise, self-govern, etc) Self-governing
9.   Study Scheme (Full Time/Part Time) Full Time
10. Study Duration

Minimum   : 4 yrs

Maximum  : 6 yrs

        Type of Semester No. of Semesters No. of weeks per semester
        Normal 8 14
        Short 4 8
Entry requirement
Matriculation or STPM with minimum of B- in Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics/ Further Additional Mathematics, Chemistry/ Engineering Chemistry and Physics/ Engineering Physics/ Biology with CPA 3.00 and not  physically handicapped which makes him/her unable to conduct experimental/ practical work.

For further enquiries please contact:

Dr. Dayang Norulfairuz binti Abang Zaidel
Program Director (BioPolymer)
Office: +607-553 5691
Email :