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Postgraduate Programme

FCEE’s major tasks and challenges are to focus on research and innovations due to the global trend which is increasingly dependent on a new energy policy due to global warming, where issues such as renewable energy, green chemistry and environmental-friendly products are dominating the market. Those trends require a paradigm shift in focus for our teaching and research. With our expertise in interdisciplinary approach of petroleum and renewable energy engineering, we are moving fast to capture the opportunity to make a critical difference through innovations, giving impact to the present petroleum-based economy, and educating the leaders of tomorrow. We are also continuously reevaluating our academic programs to equip our students for globalization and k-economy. Our students can expect to work in an increasingly interconnected, increasingly global economy. To succeed in this environment, they must have strong engineering fundamentals as well as mastering various types of soft skills.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Rahmat
Academic Manager for Postgraduate Studies


FCEE offers postgraduate programmes by taught course, taught course and research (mixed mode) and research as follows :




The programme is offered to those interested in in-depth research on a specialized area. The candidate of Master’s or PhD is supervised by a selected Graduate Faculty. The directed research work introduces candidates to the processes by which new knowledge is developed and applied accordingly. A lecturer or a panel of lecturers appointed by the faculty will supervise the research work. A student must take one university general elective course (3 credits) and attend a Research Methodology course. The minimum duration for full time students is two semesters (master degree) and 6 semesters (doctoral degree). The student may be allowed to convert his/her master programme of study to Ph.D. degree, subject to approval by the faculty. Assessment is based on the semester progress reports, and an oral examination (viva voce) of the thesis submitted by the candidate on completion of study. A doctoral degree student who has successfully published two papers in international refereed journals may submit his/her thesis after completing a duration of 4 semesters of full time equivalent.  



Application for full research programmes is opened throughout the year. For admission information:
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