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Potential Supervisors

Department of Petroleum Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Kamal IdrisB.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (ITB), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (ITB), Ph.D Petroleum Eng. (Imperial College)

Room: N01-429 Tel: 5535606


Research area/Expertise:

–  Improved oil recovery

–  Rock-fluid interactions

–  Oil-water demulsification

Prof. Dr. Ariffin SamsuriB.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (ITB), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (ITB), Ph.D Petroleum Eng. (Strathclyde)

Room: N01 -432 Tel: 55 35608/ 5535500


Research area/Expertise:

–  Well-bore stability

–  Rock mechanics

–  Drilling

–  Cementing

Prof. Dr. Mohd. Nawi DerahmanB.Sc. Chemical Eng. (UMIST), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (Heriot-Watt), Ph.D Petroleum Eng. (Bath)

Room: N01-303 Tel: 5535557


Research area/Expertise:

–  Reservoir simulation

–  Water flooding

–  Numerical simulation of oil recovery process

Assoc. Prof. Abdul Razak IsmailB. Petroleum Eng. (UTM), M. Phil. Petroleum Eng. (Heriot-Watt)

Room: N01-428 Tel: 5535605


Research area/Expertise:

–  Drilling fluids (environmental friendly, additives, shale problem)

–  Formation damage

–  Fluid flow and cuttings transport in vertical and horizontal pipes

Assoc. Prof. Azmi KamisB.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (W. Virginia), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (Southern California)

Room: N01-324 Tel: 55 35571


Research area/Expertise:

–  Drilling fluids

–  Production engineering

Assoc. Prof. Issham IsmailB. Petroleum Eng. (UTM), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (Imperial College)

Room: N01 -427 Tel: 55 35604


Research area/Expertise:

–  Drilling fluids additives

–  Production engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mat Hussin YunanB.Sc. Fuel and Energy Eng. (Leeds), Post Grad. Diploma Petroleum Eng. (Heriot-Watt), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (UNSW),
Ph.D Petroleum Eng. (UTM)

Room: N01-422 Tel: 55 35599


Research area/Expertise:

–  Improved oil recovery by miscible flooding

–  Deposition of asphaltene during carbon dioxide gas flooding

–  Rock-fluid interactions especially on wettability

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radzuan JuninB. Sc. Geology (UKM), M.Sc. Ind. Mineralogy (Hull), Ph.D Petroleum Eng. (Nottingham)

Room: N01-434 Tel: 5535732


Research area/Expertise:

–  Drill cuttings disposal

–  Improved oil recovery by surfactant flooding

–  Reservoir rocks characterization

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yahya SukirmanB. Petroleum Eng. (UTM), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (Strathclyde), Ph.D Civil Eng. – Rock Mechanics (Wales-Swansea)

Room: N01-325 Tel: 5535572


Research area/Expertise:

–  Fluid mechanics especially on well-bore stability

–  Numerical reservoir simulation

–  Scaling mitigation

Dr. Muhammad Abdul MananB.Sc. Mineral Eng. (Petroleum), (Alabama), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. Imperial College), Ph.D Petroleum Eng. (UTM)

Room: N01-247 Tel: 5535554


Research area/Expertise:

–  Improved oil recovery by surfactant flooding

–  Multi-phase flow studies using micro models

–  Separation of oil-water emulsion

Dr. Mohd. Razif Abd. RazakB.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (W. Virginia), M.Sc. Petroleum Management (Tulsa), Ph.D. Mineral Economic (Portland)

Room N01-311 Tel: 5535563


Research area/Expertise:

–  Petroleum economics

–  Risk analysis

–  Policies and management issues related to petroleum

Dr. Mohd Zaidi JaafarB.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (Missouri-Rolla), M.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (Imperial College), Ph.D. Petroleum Eng. (Imperial College)

Room: N01-277 Tel: 55 35539


Research area/Expertise:

–  Down hole monitoring

–  Streaming potential measurements

–  Intelligent wells

Dr. Moulishree JoshiPhD (Geology) (India), MSc (Geology) (India)

Room: N01-402 Tel: + (6)07-5535559


Research Area/Expertise:

–  Palaeontology

–  Climate Change

–  Geomorphology and tectonics

Department of Gas Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi IsmailB. Petroleum Eng. (UTM), M. Chemical Eng. (UTM), Ph.D Chemical Eng. Membrane Technology (Strathclyde)

Room: N01-410 Tel: 55 35592


Research areas:

–  Membrane Technology

–  Membrane Manufacturing

–  Carbon Nanostructured Material

–  Advanced Material for Energy Application

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azeman MustafaB.Sc. Chemical Eng. (Louisiana), M.Sc. Combustion and Energy (Leeds), Ph.D Combustion Eng. (Leeds)

Room: N01-321 Tel: 55 35568


Research areas:

–  Combustion

–  Membrane Fuel Cell

–  Gas Separation Membrane

–  Carbon Fibres

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khairul Sozana Nor KamarudinB.Sc. Chemical Eng. (New South Wales), M. Chemical

Eng (UTM) Ph.D Gas Eng. (UTM)

Room: N01-255 Tel: 5535482


Research area:

–  Waste Combustion /Energy Conservation

–  Adsorbent Development

–  Nanomaterials

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Shawal NasriB. Chemical Eng. (UTM), M.Sc. Gas Eng. & Management (Salford), Ph.D Catalytic Combustion (Leeds)

Room: N01-323 Tel: 55 35570


Research area:

–  Green Technology

–  Catalysis for environmental

–  Renewable Energy

–  Bio-Mass especially in bio-fertilizer

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rahmat MohsinB. Mech. Eng. (UTM), M.Sc. Gas Engineering & Management. (Salford), Ph.D Manufacturing & Mechanical Eng. (Birmingham)

Room: N01-330 Tel: 5535489


Research area:

–  CFD development and application

–  Gas Metering and Calibration

–  Natural Gas Vehicle Systems (NGV)

–  Gas Transmission and Distribution System

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainal ZakariaB. Petroleum Eng. (UTM), M. Petroleum Eng (UTM), Ph.DGas Eng. (UTM)

Room: N01-274 Tel: 55 35497


Research area:

–  Storage System

–  Transmission and Distribution

–  Corrosion

–  Fluid flow

Dr. Mariani IdroasB.Sc. Electrical Eng. (Western Michigan), M.Sc. Instrumentation & Analytical Sc. (UMIST), Ph.D Instrumentation (Sheffield)

Room: N01-260 Tel: 55 35487


Research area:

–  Instrumentation system

–  Industrial Process Tomography

–  Imaging system and shape recognition

Dr. Rafiziana Md. KasmaniB. Chemical Eng. (UTM), M.Sc. Fire and Explosion Eng. (Leeds), Ph.D Vented Gas Explosion (Leeds)

Room: N01-276 Tel: 55 35499


Research area:

–  Gas and dust explosions

–  Fire engineering

–  Explosion protection and mitigation

Dr. Noorul Anam Mohd NoordinB.Sc. Petroleum Eng. (Univ of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA), M.Sc Chemical Eng (UTM), Ph.D Gas Engineering (UTM)

Room: N01-256 Tel no : 07 – 5535483


Research area:

–  Membrane for fuel cell technology

–  Direct Methanol and Hydrogen Fuel Cell

–  Membrane for separation and purification process

Dr. Lau Woei JyeB.Eng. Chemical-Gas Engineering (UTM), Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (UTM)

Room: N09-313 and N29A Tel: 07-5535926


Research area:

–  Preparation and Characterization of Nanofiltration Membranes

–  Preparation and Characterization of Ultrafiltration Membranes with Enhanced Fouling Resistance using Innovative Materials

–  Membrane Distillation for Wastewater Treatment

–  Crude Palm Oil Refining using Membrane-Based Technology

Dr. Mukhlis A. RahmanB.Eng. Chemical (UTM), M.Eng. Gas, (UTM), Ph.D Chemical Engineering (Imperial College London, UK)

Room: – Tel: –


Area of Research:

–  Energy Production

–  Catalyst

–  Membranes Technology

Dr. Juhana JaafarB.Eng. Chemical (UTM), M.Eng. Gas, (UTM), Ph.D Gas Engineering (UTM)

Room: AMTEC, N29A Tel no : 07–5535352


Area of Research:

–  Advanced Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

–  Advanced Membrane fabrication method using electrospinning for Direct Methanol Fuel

–  Robust Membrane for wastewater treatment

–  Photocatalytic Membrane for water purification

–  Advanced Membrane Electrode Assembly for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Dr. Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan b. OthmanB.Eng. Chemical (UTM, Malaysia), M. Eng. Gas, (UTM, Malaysia), Ph.D Chemical Engineering (Imperial College London, UK)

Room: N01-248 Tel: 07-5535555


Area of Research:

–  Fuel cell

–  Membranes Technology

Dr. Zalilah ShahrerB.Eng. Chemical Engineering (Leeds University, UK) MSc Gas Engineering and Management (SalfordUnversity, UK),
Ph.D. Materials (Oxford University, UK)

Room: N01-269 Tel: 07-5535492


Area of Research:

–  Corrosion of metals

–  Protection by organic coating, studies of coating breakdown