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Programme Outcome (chemical)

PO1 Apply chemical engineering knowledge 
Ability to apply general knowledge, sciences, chemical engineering principles to solve complex chemical engineering problems
PO2 Demonstrate research skills 
Ability to investigate, design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data, and apply the research skills to solve complex engineering problems
PO3 Able to design a system 
Ability to design a system or process for solving complex chemical engineering problems to meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
PO4 Inculcate computational techniques 
Ability to inculcate modern computational techniques and skills to solve complex chemical engineering activities.
PO5 Responsive to issues 
Ability to responsibly act as well as response to the societal health, safety, environment, legal and cultural issues that are relevant to the professional chemical engineering practice.
PO6 Practice knowledge for sustainable development 
Ability to practice professional chemical engineering knowledge for sustainable development
PO7 Demonstrate problem-solving and thinking skills 
Ability to integrate the first principles of mathematics, natural sciences and chemical engineering for solving complex engineering problems through creative, innovative, lateral and critical thinking skills.
PO8 Able to communicate effectively 
Ability to communicate effectively through written and oral modes to all levels of society.
PO9 Possess leadership skills and confidence to work independently and in a team 
Ability to work independently, and as a member or a leader in a team to manage project in multi-disciplinary environment.
PO10 Demonstrate high ethical standards 
Ability to work ethically according to the norms of chemical – engineering practice.
PO11 Display life-long learning skills 
Ability to acquire knowledge and engage in life-long learning.
PO12 Acquire entrepreneurship skills 
Ability to acquire entrepreneurship skills and business insights.