PhD Theses

Structure and Materials

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updated on 15/03/2018

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Masoud Razavi (2017)

Performance Of Kenaf Fibre Reinforced Concrete Under Static And Dynamic Loadings (pdf link)

Lim Kar Sing (2017)

Behaviour Of Repaired Composite Steel Pipeline Using Epoxy Grout As Infill Material (pdf link)

Hossein Mohammadhosseini (2017)

Strength, Durability And Microstructural Analysis Of Concrete Incorporating Waste Carpet Fibre And Palm Oil Fuel Ash (pdf link)


Lee Yee Ling (2016)

Structural Behaviour of Slab Panel System with Embedded Cold-Formed Steel Skeletal Frame (pdf link)

Arman bin Abdullah (2016)

External Corrosion Growth for Buried Steel Pipeline In Environment Containing Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (pdf link)

Meisam Razavi (2016)

Performance of Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites in Various Environments (pdf link)  

Seyed Meysam Khoshnava (2016)

Kenaf Empty Fruit bunch Fibres Hybrid Reinforced Polyhydroxybutyrate Biocomposite as Green Building Materials (pdf link)

Ong Peng Peng (2016)

Seismic Performance of Tuned Liquid Damper in Novel Wall Interlocking Block (pdf link)



Taha Mehman Navaz (2014)

Characteristics Of Ferrocement Sandwich Aerated Concrete Wall Elements Incorporating Pozzolanic Waste Materials (pdf link)

Reza Pashaei (2014)

Multi-Criteria Decision Framework For Seismic Retrofitting Of Low-Rise Buildings (pdf link)

Mohammadamin Azimi (2014)

Seismic Performance Of Continuous Link Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connections Subjected To Earthquake Loading (pdf link)

Elnaz Talebi (2014)

The Behaviour Of Buckling Restrained Brace (Brb) System At Elevated Temperature (pdf link)


Mohammadreza Vafaei (2013)

Seismic Damage Identification Based on Integration Artificial Neural Networks and Wavelet Transforms (pdf link)



Meldi (2011)

Nonlinear Seismic Performance Of Integral Prestressed Concrete Boxgirder Bridge In Malaysia (pdf link)

Ling Jen Hua (2011)

Behaviour Of Grouted Splice Connections In Precast Concrete Walls Subjected To Tensile, Shear And Flexural Loads (pdf link)


Noridah Mohamad (2010)

The Structural Behaviour Of Precast Lightweight Foamed Concrete Sandwich Panel As A Load Bearing Wall (pdf link)

Amin Eisazadeh (2010)

Physicochemical Behaviour Of Lime And Phosphoric Acid Stabilized Clayey Soils (pdf link)

Yusof Ahmad (2010)

Bending Behaviour of Timber Beams Strengthened Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars and Plates (pdf link)


Tan Cher Siang (2009)

Behaviour of Pin and Partial Strength Beam-to-Column Connections with Double Channel Cold-Formed Steel Sections (pdf link)