Research Topic – Hydraulics and Hydrology

Updated : 27/01/2014

The department has been involved with a number of research programs supported by funds provided by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), the Government and Private Sectors since establishment. The academic members of the department are also involved with a number of research and consultancy projects in many specialized fields, such as, coastal and river engineering, watershed management, hydroinformatics, water quality study, urban stormwater and flood management, field testing, etc., across the country.

Research and consultancy areas include:

  1. A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach Impact Of Rainfall On Highway Capacity Loss for VLSI Routing
  2. An Experimental Study of Tsunami Run up on a Vegetated Slope
  3. An Investigation on Tsunami Wave Energy Dissipation Over Vegetated Coasts
  4. Analysis of Non-Aquious Phase Liquid (NAPL) Migration in Porous Media System
  5. Application Of ANFIS In Prediction Of Storm-Induced Coastal Currents
  6. Background Hosses Reduction by Cut-Off Excessire Pressure
  7. Detailed Quantification of Erosion Processes and Modelling of Sediment Yield in Oil Palm Catchments
  8. Determination of Flow Characteristics in the Vegetated Straight Compound Channel
  9. Development of a Finite Element Model for NAPL Migration in Sub-Surface System
  10. Development of a Multi-Objected Stormwater Extended Defention Pond Model for Urban Catchment System
  11. Development Of Impact Simulation Models With Adaption To Climate Change On Kerian, Muda And Sungai Besar Irrigation Schemes
  12. Experimental Investigation on the Behaviour of Thermal Effluent In Free Surface Flow
  13. Flood Water Level Influenced by Trees and Vegetation along the Edge of Floodplain in Case of River Flooding
  14. Flow Characteristic in Straight Compound Channels
  15. Hybrid (Physical-Numerical) Modeling of Mangrove Root Hydrodynamics
  16. Impact of Ex-mine Activities on Soil and Groundwater
  17. Improvement of Stochastic Disaggregation Methods for Generating Multi Site Fire Time Scale Rainfall Data
  18. Investigation of Climate Change Impact for Sustainable Water Management in Muda Irrigation Schemes, Alor Setar, Malaysia
  19. Investigation of Stratification and Bottom-Water Hypoxia in an Estuarine System
  20. Investigation of the Hydraulic Characteristics for Portable Rubbish and Sediment Trap
  21. Mesh-free Formulations for Surface Runoff Incorporating GIS
  22. Modeling Circulation And Fate And Transport In An Estuarine System For Large Scale Shellfish Industry
  23. Multi Regression Analysis and Tsunami Vulnerability Assessment for The Island of Langkawi, Malaysia
  24. Optimal Operation of Multi-Source Reservoir System
  25. Quantification and Modeling of Non Point Source Pollution in Urban Catchments
  26. Regional Climate Scenarios Using Statistical Downscaling Approach
  27. The Physics of Sediment Deposition
  28. Uncertainty Phosphorus Loadings Estimation Using Vollenweider Model for Reservoir Euthrophication Control