Final Year Project


In order to inculcate an attitude towards research, lifelong learning, critical thinking as well as the partial fulfillment for the award of the bachelor’s degree, each student will have to go through two semesters to complete Final Year Project. This Final Year Project is divided into two subjects, namely pre-project and final project. The Final Year Project is conducted in two consecutive semesters beginning with research methodology and pre-project followed by final project. In research methodology and pre-project, the student will be exposed to various aspects of research including types of research, methods of literature review, research designs, results analysis and interpretation, project write-up, journal papers and also presentation skills. The students will also be exposed to the problem solving methodology, decision-making and data collection process which later on helps to prepare the students for the Final Year Project. In Final Year Project, with the least assistance and guide from lecturers who acts as supervisors, students are expected to be able to conduct research activity independently and perform or complete a series of experiments or computational based upon the project titles taken by the student. The Final Year Project to be carried out by a student can be in any of the following nature, encompassing study, research, design/development, software development or case study. Having successfully completed the Final Year Project, students are expected to conduct research in a systematic way, collect data relating to the project, solve and analyse data to obtain results, to write good project reports and be able to present their project findings effectively. The analysis of the topics for the part-time students shows that about 75% is industy-based and 25% research-based.


Final Year Project Coordinator (SPACE FKA)
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81300 UTM Skudai, Johor
(Attention: Dr. Roslli Noor Mohamed)
Tel : 07-5532456
hp : 019-7530933


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