Industrial Training


Industrial training is compulsory for students enrolled in the Degree of Civil Engineering programme and EAC requires that students must undergo at least 10 weeks of training, related to design or supervision works, in any fields of civil engineering works.

In the case of part-time programme, students may get exemption from industrial training if they can prove that they have at least one year working experience or more in any related civil engineering fields prior to enrolling the programme.

Students undergoing practical training will be visited by the Faculty member during the training period. The visits are normally conducted around the middle of training duration. Lecturers are required to assess the progress of the training and discuss with the student accompanied by the officer in-charge. The visiting lecturers are also required to interview the student and officer in charge followed by assessment for both parties. Two weeks after completion of the training, students are required to submit their technical industrial report together with logbook to the Faculty. The respective lecture will assess the student’s report and submit the marks to the academic office. Based on the training visit report, industrial training assessment form for the officer in-charge the student, logbook and technical report, the students will be graded pass or fail.


Students who have a minimum of one year experience working in the field of Civil Engineering are eligible to apply for Industrial Training exemption. The students are required to prepare and submit reports on their practical experience before the dateline set by the faculty. Only students who have submitted reports that meet the standard set by the faculty will be called for an interview.  The students are required to obtain passing grades for the report writing as well as interview before credit exemption is given.

Details of the datelines for submission of reports and interview sessions will be posted on the SPACEFKA website.

Samples of the report and format of report writing are available at these links:

1.     Latest Report Format

2.     Sample Report

All students are required to check latest announcement through this website.


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