Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Mohd Nasir Wan Kadir
FC OSHE Chairman

First and foremost, OSHE FSKSM would like to thank to all of you on your willingness to surf on this OSHE FSKSM website.  On behalf of OSHE FSKSM organizations, I warmly welcome all of you here.

The main purpose of development OSHE FSKSM website is to make it in line with the current development of information technology (IT) and enable a direct dissemination of information and guideline regarding to the occupational safety and health particularly for FSKSM members and also for the students.

OSH Act of 1994 that outlined by the Department of Safety and Health under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia need to be observed from time to time in order to Ensure That the risk of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) can be prevented and controlled. Furthermore the safety, health and welfare of persons employed is one of the aspect that always being emphasis  by the governments to ensure that the working environment is conducive and hence services can be improve also provided in a better productivity and quality.

The development of OSHE FSKSM is as a platform to support policies that outlined by Department of Environment, Occupational Safety and Health UTM specifically to be responsible for providing, establishing and maintaining a safety and healthy working environment especially for all UTM members and every parties that dealing with the UTM in accordance with the requirements of national legislation.

All in all, it is hoped that every activities conducted by department of OSHE FSKSM and information that available through this website could bring a big benefits for staff and students as well as creating awareness of KKP and hence civilize a safe and healthy especially at work environment and  generally also at anytime and anywhere.

By that, thank you.