Postgraduate Programs

Faculty of Computing offered at least 7 programs for postgraduate students which include 2 Doctor of Philosophy & 5 Master programs.


          In UTM, all academic matters including those of postgraduate education are under the responsibility of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International) (TNC(A&I)). The university senate has set up the Senate Standing Committee for Graduate Studies (JKTSPS) to discuss and recommend to senate matters related to rules and regulations, new program proposal, improvement of curriculum, examination results and student’s appeal.

          Chaired by TNC(A&I), members of the committee that include senate representatives, dean of SPS and all faculty deputy deans (TD (A)) in charge of postgraduate studies. The university has set up the School of Graduate Studies (SPS) to coordinate postgraduate activities across the university and maintain the quality of education at postgraduate level. SPS also administers academic records and examinations of postgraduate students in UTM with the coordination from all faculties.

           The role of SPS includes supporting the mission of the university to become world class centre of academic and technological excellence, formulating policies pertaining to the development of graduate studies, steering and coordinating with academic faculties to develop and enhance the quality of graduate education. The University Graduate Studies Academic Committee (JAPSU) was set up at SPS to coordinate postgraduate academic and examination matters.
            The committee is chaired by the Dean of SPS. Memberships include all the Deputy Deans of Academic and the Academic Managers in SPS. The programs offered by SPS comprises of three areas which are engineering, science & technology and social science. Each area is headed by a Deputy Dean. All programs offered by FC are under Science & Technology.


Academic And Research Stream
             The objective of programs under this stream is to produce Computer Science and Information Technology academicians and researchers who can contribute to the dissemination and advancement of the Computer Science and Information Technology knowledge.


Registration Progress
            Your registration becomes official once you have completed the appropriate forms or online registration issued by SPS. The semester of registration defines the beginning of the minimum and maximum periods of study. Please refer to Graduate Studies Rules and Regulations provided by School of Graduate Studies ( ) for further information.



Program Offer