PSM topics from En Syed Othmawi

Two topics up for grabs.
Topic 1:  Simulation of UTM campus backbone using Netcreacker.
To study the performance of UTM campus backbone:
• To identify the campus backbone utilization.
• To identify the bottleneck in the campus network.
• To study the effect of total packet increasing.
• To study the effect of increasing of packet intensity.
• Identify the suggestion to improve the UTM backbone.Topic 2:  Study the impact of implementing priority queue on Quality of Service in LTE network using ns2.
The study the effect of implementing of priority queue to the conventional, streaming, interactive and background applications.
Parameters performance include bandwidth allocation, packets delay, packets jitter, packets drop, etc.

Program: SCSR
Please contact Syed Othmawi Bin Abdul Rahman (syedothmawi @ utm .my)