PSM Materials

The following are some useful resources to help students with their thesis projects:

1) PSM Guideline: Download Final Year Project HANDBOOK (Compulsory) – Important
2) Thesis writing:
a)  Malay version UTM Thesis Template
b)  English version UTM Thesis Template (doc) 

3) Guideline for thesis writing: (UTM Thesis Manual Guideline)
4) Browse previous UTM thesis title (
5a) Learning Outline PSM 1
5b) Learning Outline PSM 2

(COMPULSORY: To be burned into CD)

  1. One-Page Project Synopsis (Poster): Use (Poster Template)
    All UTM  Final Year Students can download the one-page project synopsis template for respective faculties from the link below. Follow the format shown in sample template. The draft of the project synopsis should be checked by project supervisor. The completed project synopsis should be emailed to (to be informed later).
    Example: (SampleSample 1, Sample 2, Full Poster sample 1Full Poster sample 2)
  2. Short Paper (for Proceeding): Use (Short Paper template) – 6 pages- Your paper then will look like this (FC Prooceeding)

Extra: COPYRIGHT FORM (Copyright Form, Statutory Form) new !!!!!!


Picture One-Page Project Synopsis:
sample Poster 1     sample Poster 2     Hoirul_ProDancer A3 Poster2