PSM System Online

Welcome to PSM2 System Online

** To all FC’s lecturers and PSM students, starting Semester 1718-2, an evaluation of PSM for all PSM 2 students will be executed through PSM 2 System Online.
** The system can be accessed through URL: -> PSM2 Online

System Functionality (ACTIVE)
a) PSM 2 Students Registration
b) Lecturers (Supervisors and Examiners) Registration
c) Evaluation of PSM 2 Progress 1 by Supervisor
d) Evaluation of PSM 2 Progress 2 by Supervisor
e) Evaluation of PSM 2 during Presentation by Examiners
f) Supervisor Evaluation on Report and Final Output (System or Research Output) -> all items has their own Rubrics
g) Evaluation of Short Paper by Supervisor and Examiners
h) Archive of Previous PSM2 Students Projects