Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering program makes up the core of the engineering studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Students pursuing specialization in a particular field shall take additional elective courses. The fundamental areas of study are applied mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, design, and materials science and materials technology.

Graduates of the program are expected to work in Mechanical Engineering field, one of the oldest and broadest areas of engineering activity. The career of a Mechanical Engineer involves the efficient application of physical and human resources in improving the standard of living. A Mechanical Engineer combines the basic knowledge of physical sciences and engineering education with experience and expertise to invent, design and manufacture, run and maintain mechanical equipment, machinery and tools in all branches of industry including automotive, aerospace, marine/shipping, manufacturing, processing and those involving heavy machinery.

Graduates in this area are capable of fulfilling the task of an engineer cum technologist in the government, semi-government and private firms. Graduates will be able to find job opportunities in various sectors and industries as previously mentioned.

A Mechanical Engineer may further his career as a product engineer, building contractor, manufacturer of machines or engineering products, researcher in Research and Development (R&D) departments/institutes or an academician in institutions of higher learning. Indeed, the career of a Mechanical Engineer is deemed very versatile and thus it is not at all surprising that Mechanical Engineering graduates are able to take up various relevant positions without much hassle.

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Master of Mechanical Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy