Laboratory Manager’s Office

Administration Team

Chair : Prof. Dr. Mohd Hasbullah Hj Idris

Associate Chair (Facility) :
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ruslan Bin Abdullah

Laboratory manager  :
Dr. Kamarulafizam Bin Ismail

Laboratory Manager’s Office  :
• Mr. Mohamed A’tif bin Mohamed Roznan (Engineer)
• Mrs. Ruzita Mohamed Salleh (Administrative Assistant)
• Mr. Haizelfitri Mahat (General Office Assistant)



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Teachings Laboratories

Introduction Teaching Laboratories

No. Teaching Lab Location Department
1 Design Studio
Studio Rekabentuk
 C23 Level 5  DAMD
2 Computer Lab
Makmal Komputer
 C24 Level 4
(411 , 410, 409, 408)
 School of Mechanical Engineering
3 Industrial Engineering Lab
Makmal Kejuruteraan Industri
C25 Level 1  DMMI
4 Metrology Lab
Makmal Metrologi
 C25 Level 1  DMMI
5 Machine Shop Lab
Makmal Syop Mesin
 E01  DMMI
6 Production Lab
Makmal Pengeluaran
 E01  DMMI
7 Foundry Lab
Makmal Tuangan
8 Material Science Lab
Makmal Sains Bahan
 E04  DMMI
9 Mechanics of Materials and Structures Lab
Makmal Mekanik Bahan dan Struktur
 E05  DAMD
10 Noise and Vibration Lab
Makmal Getaran dan Kebisingan
 E05  DAMD
11 System and Control Lab
Makmal Sistem dan Kawalan
 E05  DAMD
12 Mechanics of Machines Lab
Makmal Mekanik Mesin
 E05  DAMD
13 Mechanics of Fluids Lab
Makmal Mekanik Bendalir
 E07 Level 2  DTF
14 Electrical Lab
Makmal Elektrik
 E07 Level 1  Faculty of Mechanical     Engineering
15 Thermodynamics Lab
Makmal Termodinamik
 E06  DTF
16 Combustion Lab
Makmal Kombusion
 E06  DTF
17 Metal Forming Lab
Makmal Pembentukan Logam
 E06  DTF


Excellence Laboratories
Research Laboratories
Centers of Excellence

Purpose-established centres for the promotion of academic and research excellence:

  • UTM Marine Technology Center
  • UTM Automotive Development Center (ADC)
  • UTM Composites Center (PUSKOM)
  • Institute of Noise and Vibrations (in City Campus KL)
  • UTM Aeronautics Laboratory (Aerolab)
UTM Marine Technology Center
  • The most sophisticated marine laboratory attached to a university in the ASEAN region
  • Commissioned in 1996, officially opened by the then Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir  in 1999
  • The laboratory was upgraded to be a University Centre of Excellence in 2003


Services provided:

  1. Ship and ocean structures model testing
  2. Maneuvering simulations
  3. Equipment calibrations
  4. Lightship surveys
  5. Inclining experiments
  6. Stability assessments
  7. Ship design services
  8. Vibration monitoring and mitigation
  9. Full scale motion monitoring
  10. Full scale powering measurement
  11. Professional short courses



UTM Aeronautic Laboratory



Incorporating the Low Speed Wind Tunnel

–Only one of its kind in the country

–Completed in 2001, officially opened by the Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib, in 2005

–To serve a three-pronged mission:

  • Education and Training
  • Advanced Research in Aerodynamics
  • Testing and Consultancy Services

–Closed-return type circuit, max speed of 80 m/s

–Atmospheric, interchangeable test section

–Test section dimensions of 2m (W) x 1.5m (H) x 5.8m (L)

–Member of the worldwide SATA since 2002

Testing services conducted to date include:

–Waja and Savvy models for Proton

–New motorcycle models for Modenas

–Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for SCS Sdn Bhd

–House roof models for Dian Creative

–Aero-elastic studies on Putrajaya monorail bridge

–Windbreaker vegetation on Plus Highways

–Wind effects on high rise buildings

–Micro-light aircraft models

–UTM solar car model

–Rockets and missiles research

UTM Low Speed Wind Tunnel (UTM-LST)



Automotive Development Centre Facilities


Automotive Development Centre Facilities

Aerolab – Research & Consultancy


Aerolab Research & Consultancy


Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML)



Materials Science Laboratory


Materials Science Laboratory

Computational Solid Mechanics


Computational Solid Mechanics