Research strategy

Our vision

Our vision is To be a premier global faculty in engineering and technology.

Our mission

Synergizing academic capacity to nurture holistic talents and lead in innovative technologies.

Our strategy

– Advance the very basic science at the core of each engineering discipline.
– Explore opportunities for discovery at the intersections of existing disciplines, and to develop technologies for the next century.
– Build a future without walls by forming multiple cross-disciplinary teams to address the world’s most challenging problems.
– Foster long-term, strategic relationships with companies, foundations, governmental organizations, and other partners to advance research.
– Encourage technology transfer to advance research and spur innovation.
– Nurture and develop the next generation of globally recognised engineers and researchers.

Real-world focus

We encourage multidisciplinary research through our Institutes which reach across disciplines and across Faculties to address some of the world’s most challenging problems.

We provide a range of networking events and workshops, to focus the full power of fundamental engineering research onto evolving societal problems such as energy security, climate change, sustainable production and resource efficiency, clean and efficient transport and the challenges arising from an ageing population.