Established in 2013, Clinical Engineering Laboratory is the signature laboratory for School of
Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences to support teaching, research and development as well
as consultation in Clinical Engineering field. Clinical Engineering lab plays an integral part as the
anchor for Medical device management education and pre-industrial training preparation in SBEHS.
To be the hub for Clinical engineering education and related industry in Malaysia
To provide necessary support and technical expertise in teaching, research and development as well
as consultation in clinical engineering.

Clinical Engineering Lab is equipped with the following medical devices and testers:
Automated Urinalysis machine
Automated Hematoanalyzer machine
Cardiotocography fetal monitoring system
Ventilator system
Electrocardiogram and tester
Defibrillator system and tester
Intensive care simulation system
Apnea monitor
Incubator system and tester
Ultrasound therapy machine and tester
Hemodialysis machine and tester

Our Services:
Clinical Engineering Lab provides consultation and training that focuses on medical device
management. Please contact: maheza@biomedical.utm.my for further inquiry.