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Name of RG : Carbon Nanostructure Research Group
RG Leader : Prof.  Dr. Madzlan Aziz
List of team members : 1)      Dr. Mukhlis A. Rahman
2)      Dr. Norhaniza Yusof
3)      Dr. Goh Pei Sean
4)      Dr. Mohd Zamri Yusop


Focus Area : Synthesis and production of nanostructured based materials for membrane technology applications
Recent projects (2016-2017)


  1. J090301.7846.4J178 Novel Anti-fouling Ceramic Membrane for the Purification of Oily Wastewater
  2. J090301.7846.4J177 Simultaneous synthesis and impregnation of photo-catalysts on anti-fouling ceramic membrane
  3. J090301.7846.4J176 Preparation of active surface ceramic membrane for heavy metal removal



  1. J090301.7846.4J180 Development of ultrafiltration mixed matrix membrane of polyethersulfone/ HNT-HFO for oily waste water treatment
  2. J090301.7846.4J179 Development Of Thin Film Forward Osmosis (Fo) Membrane For Lead (Ii) Removal Using Composite Polyetehrsulfone (Pes/ Metal Organic Frameworks (Mofs)As Substrate



  1. J090301.7846.4J183 Nanocomposite Membrane Grafted With Aminated Carbon Nanotubes For Inorganic Anions Detection Based On Planar Electromagnetic Sensor
  2. J090301.7846.4J182 Double Skinned Thin Film Nanocomposite Membrane for Oily Wastewater Treatment using Osmotically Driven Membrane Process


  1. R.J090301.7824.4J202 Tunable Nanoporous Size Graphene-basedMembrane by Hydrogen Etching Process
Recent publications (2016-2017)
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  2. Jusin, J.W., Aziz, M., Sean, G.P., Jaafar, J., Preparation and characterization of graphene-based magnetic hybrid nanocomposite [Penyediaan dan pencirian nano komposit hibrid magnetik berasaskan grafin], Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences , Volume 20, 16 November 2015, Pages 149-156
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Intellectual Properties (IP)
  1. IP/PT/2016/1340 Novelty/Patent Search ; Adsorptive Polysulfone/Hydrous Ferric Oxide Ultrafiltration Mixed Matrix Membranes For Lead Removal From Water
  2. IP/PT/2016/2028 Patent Drafting; Polyacrylonitrile/Magnesium Oxide Based-Activated Carbon Nanofibers For Methane Adsorption


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