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Name of RG : Drilling and Production Enhancement Group (DPEG)
RG Leader : Ir. Dr. Mohd Zaidi Jaafar
List of team members : 1) Prof. Dr. Ariffin bin Samsuri
2) Prof. Madya Issham bin Ismail
3) Prof. Madya Abdul Razak bin Lebai Ismail
4) En. Mohd Fauzi bin Hj. Hamid
5) Dr Nur Suriani Mamat
6) Dr Ahmad Shamsul Izwan
Focus Area : The research areas include drilling fluids and well completion fluids, cement materials and cementing technology, smart well completion, well stimulation such as hydraullic fracturing, mitigation of problems during production such as emulsion, scaling, and wax, production optimization covering multiphase flow pattern, and application of electrokinetics and nanomaterials in the upstream activities.


Recent projects (2016-2017)
  1. Abdul Razak Ismail, Application of Palm Oil Nano-Cellulose as Viscosifier, Shale Inhibitor and Fluid Loss Additives , GUP, July, 2017–June, 2019
  2. Issham Ismail, Experimental Investigation of Pressure Drop, Liquid Holdup, and Flow Pattern for Malaysian Crude in a Three-Phase Flow System, GUP, July, 2016 – June, 2018
  3. Muhammad Noorul Anam Mohd Nordin, Effect of Henna in Enhancing Drilling Mud Cutting Transport, GUP, July, 2017 – September, 2019
  4. Muhammad Noorul Anam Mohd Nordin, The Development of Heterojunction Photocatalyst on Polymeric Membrane Surface via Low Temperature Deep Coating Approach, GUP, January, 2016 – December, 2018
Recent publications (2016-2017)

1. Abdul Razak Ismail, Mohd Zaidi Jaafar, Wan Rosli Wan Sulaiman, Issham Ismail, Ng Yinn Shiunn, 2017, Identification of Sandstone Core Damage Using Scanning Electron Microscopy, American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1901, Page 11005-1 – 11005-5

2. Adnan Aftab, Abdul Razak Ismail, Zafar Hussain Ibhupoto, 2017, Enhancing the Rheological Properties and Shale Inhibition Behavior of Water-Based Mud Using Nanosilica, Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Nanoplatelet, Egyptian Journal of Petroleum, Vol. 26, Page 291 – 299

3. Adnan Aftab, Abdul Razak Ismail, Zafar Hussain Ibupoto, H. Akeiber, M.G.K. Malhgani, 2017, Nanoparticles Based Drilling Muds A Solution to Drill Elevated Temperature Wells: A Review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 76, Page 1301 – 1313

4. Abdul Razak Ismail, Abdul Hadi Alias, Wan Rosli Wan Sulaiman, Mohd Zaidi Jaafar, Issham Ismail, 2017, Drilling Fluid Waste
Management in Drilling for Oil and Gas Wells, Chemical Engineering Transactions, Vol. 2017, Page 1351 – 1356

5. Adnan Aftab, Abdul Razak Ismail, Radzuan Junin, Zafar Hussain Ibhupoto, Mohd Akhmal Muhammad Sidek, 2017, Synthesis of
Titania-Bentonite Nanocomposite and its Applications in Water-Based Drilling Fluids, Chemical Engineering Transactions, Vol. 56, Page 949 –954

6. Piroozian, A. and Hemmati, M. and Ismail, I. and Manan, M. A. and Rashidi, M. M. and Mohsin, R., 2017 An experimental study of flow patterns pertinent to waxy crude oil-water two-phase flows, Chemical Engineering Science, 164 . Page 313-332.

National/International Collaborators


Dr Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Ibrahim (USM),

Dr Ismail Bin Mohd Saied (UTP),

Hj Jailani Abdul Kadir (InnoChem Sdn Bhd)



Dr Sulalit Bandyopadhyay (NTNU)