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Name of RG



RG Leader


Assoc Prof Dr Zurina Mohamad

List of team members


1)     Prof Dr Azman Hassan

2)     Assoc Prof Dr Abdul Razak Rahmat

3)     Assoc Prof Dr Aznizam Abu Bakar

4)     Assoc Prof Dr Agus Arshad

5)     Dr Norhayani Othman

6)     Dr Sani Amril Samsudin

Focus Area

(top 5 keywords)



Polymer composite and nanocomposite, Polymer blend, Conductive polymer, polymer processing and melt  rheology,

Recent projects (2020-2018)
  1. Preparation and characterization of jicama starch based bioplastic
  2. Surface Modification of 3D Printed Scaffold for Improved Biocompatibility
  3. Synthesis and characterization of recycled polyethylene/natural resource composites as media-filled grow beds
  4. Characterization and properties of biodegradable nanocomposites film of seaweed/poly (vinyl alcohol)/nano-crystalline cellulose for green packaging
  5. Enhancing bio-based polyamide 11 for engineering application
  6. Curing behavior and kinetics of UV-cured epoxidized palm oil acrylate/polyethylene glycol diacrylate using microstereolithography technique for tissue scaffold.
  7. Miscibility-properties relationship of novel recycle polyethylene terephthalate/polyamide 11 blends (r-PET/PA11).
  8. Synthesis of wallastonite nanofibre and structure properties relationship of its nanomcomposites based on polyoxymethylene
  9. Sustainable engineering solutions for recycling of poly(ethylene terephthalate) waste
  10. Utilization of Effluent Sludge (SW204) in Making Firebricks or Bricks
  11. Adsorption Behavior of Sepiolite as Anti Odor Agent in Natural Rubber Latex Film.
Recent publications (2016-2018)


1)      Augustine Agi, Radzuan Junin, Agus Arsad, Azza Abbas, Afeez Gbadamosi, Nur Bashirah Azli, Jeffrey Oseh, 2020, Ultrasound-assisted weak-acid hydrolysis of crystalline starch nanoparticles for chemical enhanced oil recovery, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Vol. 148: 1251-1271 (IF : 4.784)

2)      Ali Mohsin ME, Shrivastava NK, Arsad A, Basar N and Hassan A (2020) The Effect of pH on the Preparation of Electrically Conductive and Physically Stable PANI/Sago Blend Film via in situ Polymerization. Front. Mater. 7:20. doi: 10.3389/fmats.2020.00020 (IF : 2.689)

3)      Idumah, C. I., Zurina, M., Ogbu, J., Ndem, J. U., & Igba, E. C. (2020). A review on innovations in polymeric nanocomposite packaging materials and electrical sensors for food and agriculture. Composite Interfaces, 27(1), 1-72.

4)       The Mechanical Properties Of Photopolymer Prepared Via 3D Stereolithography Printing: The Effect Of UV Curing Time And Anisotropy. (2020) Khalid Waleed Haj Ahmad, Zurina Mohamad, Norhayani Othman, Siti Hajjar Che Man, Mazura Jusoh. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 73,


5)       Preparation and Characterization of Hyroxyl Terminated Liquid Epoxidized Natural Rubber. (2020) Aina Shafinaz Md Basheer khan, Siti Hajjar Che Man, Norfhairna Baharulrazi, Norhayani Othman. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 73,

6)       Mechanical properties of wollastonite reinforced thermoplastic composites: A review.Chan, Jia X., Joon F. Wong, Azman Hassan, Zurina Mohamad, and Norhayani Othman. Polymer Composites (2019). First published: 25 November 2019

7)       The Effect of Poly(ethylene-octene) Grafted Maleic Anhydride Elastomer (POEgMA) and Liquid Epoxidised Natural Rubber (LENR) on Mechanical Properties of Poly(hydroxyl-3-butyrate) (PHB), (2019) Husna Madihah Hasan, Mat Uzir Wahit, Zurina Mohamad Siti Hajjar Che Man, Norhayani Othman, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 72, 385-390.

8)      Abdullah, N. A., Mohamad, Z., Man, S. H. C., Baharulrazi, N., Majid, R. A., Jusoh, M., & Ngadi, N. (2019). Thermal and Toughness Enhancement of Poly (Lactic Acid) Bio-Nanocomposites. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 72, 427-432.

9)      Basri, M. H., Mohamad, Z., Hassan, A., & Kumar, A. (2019). Properties Enhancement of Biocomposite Based on Poly (Lactic Acid) and Banana Fiber. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 72, 439-444.

10)  Ng, H. M., Bee, S. T., Sin, L. T., Ratnam, C. T., & Rahmat, A. R. (2019). Effect of electron beam irradiation sterilization on biomedical polylactic acid composite filled with Scomberomorus Guttatus-derived hydroxyapatite. Composites Part B: Engineering, 176, 107273.

11)  Loo, K. H., Sin, L. T., Bee, S. T., Ratnam, C. T., Bee, S. L., Tee, T. T., & Rahmat, A. R. (2019). Electron Beam Irradiation to Recrosslink Devulcanized Sulfur Cured Rubber Blended Polypropylene. Polymer Engineering & Science, 59(5), 1017-1027.

12)  Bee, S. T., Sin, L. T., Lim, K. S., Ratnam, C. T., Bee, S. L., & Rahmat, A. R. (2019). Interactive effect of electron beam irradiation and montmorillonite (MMT) on properties of polycarbonate (PC)/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) nanocomposites. Polymer Bulletin, 76(9), 4627-4658.

13)  Mustapha, R., Rahmat, A. R., Abdul Majid, R., & Mustapha, S. N. H. (2019). Vegetable oil-based epoxy resins and their composites with bio-based hardener: a short review. Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials, 58(12), 1311-1326.

14)  Abdullah, N. A. S., & Mohamad, Z. (2018). The effect of dynamic vulcanization on the morphological and mechanical properties of the toughened poly (lactic acid)/epoxidized natural rubber. Malaysian J. Fundam. Appl. Sci, 14, 348-352.

15)  Mohamad, Z., Nordin, N. S. N., Othman, N., Baharulrazi, N., Man, S. H. C., Jusoh, M., & Majid, R. A. (2018). Properties Enhancement of Polylactic Acid Biocomposite. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 63, 361-366.

16)  Saadan, M. Z., Mohamad, Z., Jusoh, M., Majid, R. A., Baharulrazi, N., & Man, S. H. (2017). Degradable Polyethylene/Rice Bran Film: Effect of Gylcerol. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 56, 49-54.

17)  Khadija M. Zadeh, I. M. Inuwa, Reza Arjmandi, Azman Hassan, M. Almaadeed,Zurina Mohamad, and P. Noorunnisa Khanam.Effects of Date Palm Leaf Fiber on The Thermal and Tensile Properties of Recycled Ternary Polyolefin Blend Composites Fibers and Polymers 2017, Vol.18, No.7, 1330-1335