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Research Group

1.  Drilling and Production Enhancement Group (DPEG)
2.  Reservoir Management Group (RMG)
3.  UTM-MPRC formerly known as GASTEG
4.  Advanced Membrane Technology Centre (AMTEC)
5.  Institute of Hydrogen Institute Energy (IHE)
6.  Process Tomography and Instrumentation Research Group (PROTOM-i) – Dr. Mariani

Reservoir Management Group (RMG)

Reservoir management is a practical science that uses elements of geology and petroleum engineering to predict the behavior of oil and natural gas within subsurface rock formations.

Reservoir management is used throughout the full life cycle of crude oil and natural gas reservoirs. It is used to determine the most cost-effective way to manage the development of a new field or to bring new life to an older field with, for example, the use of surfactant for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Through the use of a suite of technologies, reservoir management can improve production rates and increase the total amount of oil and gas that is ultimately recovered from a field.

Research Area:

  • Production of Local lignin from Coconut Fiber as Lignin Based Surfactant in EOR
  • Vibro-seismic application in EOR
  • Cementation of Porous Media using Calcite
  • Surfactant Foam Flooding in EOR
  • CO2 sequential
  • Alkaline Surfactant Flooding in EOR

Group Member:

  1. PM Dr. Radzuan Junin
  2. Dr. Muhammad A. Manan
  3. Azman bin Ikhsan
  4. Azmi Mohd Arshad
  5. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Kamal Idris

Drilling and Production Enhancement Group (DPEG)

Research Area:

  • Deep Water Drilling
  • Non-Conventional Resources, i.e. CBM, tar sand
  • Production Optimization, i.e. Gas Dynamic Generator, PCP, ESP, WAG, DGWM
  • Rejuvate Old Field
  • Small & Marginal Field Development, i.e. butterfly drilling, coiled tubing drilling
  • Nano Material and Technology Application in Drilling & Production
  • Cement Material and Cementing Technology

Group Member:

  1. Dr. Mohd Zaidi Jaafar
  2. Prof. Dr. Ariffin Samsuri
  3. PM Issham Ismail
  4. PM Azmi Kamis
  5. Mohd Fauzi Hamid
  6. Ariff Othman
  7. Jusni b. Ali