ASEAN Engineering Journal


List of selected papers considered for publication in Asean Engineering Journal (AEJ)
The Editor-in-chief will make the final decision to accept or reject the paper for publication in AEJ.


No Corresponding Author Title Category  Code
1 Rackford Bong Performance of Splice Cold-Formed Steel Connection Using Adhesive and Self-Drilling Screw under Tensile Loading Analysis ALS10
2 Shariwati Mansor Shear Behaviour of Permanent Precast Formwork Beams Analysis ALS11
3 Nurulsiqqin Aishah Flexural Behaviour of Precast Permanent Formwork Beam Analysis ALS13
4 Duc-Duy Ho Genetic algorithm-based structural identification for prestress-loss assessment of prestressed concrete girder Analysis ALS18
5 Zuraida Zaini Rijal Comparison of Bond Stresses of Deformed Steel Bars Embedded in Two Different Concrete Mixes Analysis ALS19
6 Mohammad Ansari Nonlinear Analysis of Cold-formed Shear Wall with Corrugated Sheet Steel Sheathing Under Lateral In-plane Monotonic Load Analysis ALS22
7 Daichi Yamaguchi Fundamental study on fatigue of RC beam under cyclic load assuming high-speed train Analysis ALS23
8 Nurul Hana Hasan Effects of Cross-Sectional Area on the Behaviour of HSS with HSC infilled Composite Column Analysis ALS28
9 Muhammad Aswin Failure load prediction of reinforced concrete (RC) beams Using non-linear finite element analysis Analysis ALS33
10 Nguyen Trong Phuoc Dynamic Analysis of Beams on Variable Viscous-Elastic Foundation Subjected to a Moving Oscillator Analysis ALS44
11 Tan Cher Siang Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behaviour with Cold-formed Steel Cut-Curved Channel Analysis ALS45
12 Tan Cher Siang Force and Deformation Behaviour of Roof Truss System with Cold-Formed Steel Channel Section Analysis ALS46
13 Shek Poi Ngian Capacity of Interlocking Stub Column with Cement Mortar Infill under Axial Compression Load Analysis ALS47
14 Norhazilan Md Noor Effect of temperature and pH on the growth of SRB species from Baram oil and gas field Corrosion COR04
15 Aris aryanto Corrosion Induced Bond Splitting Degradation of RC Members Corrosion COR05
16 Salawu Abdulrahman Asipita Sustainable Green Corrosion Inhibitor to Check External Sulphate Attack on Concrete Corrosion COR06
17 Seyedmojtaba Ghoreishiamiri Inhibition Of Mild Steel Corrosion In Acidic Medium Using Green Corrosion Inhibitors Corrosion COR07
18 Arowosegbe A. Ajayi Developing Change Management Capability Maturity Framework for Assessing and Improving Contracting Organization’s Cost Performance in Building Projects Construction CTN01
19 Tey Kim Hai The Implementation of Construction Cost Index (CCI) in Malaysia Construction CTN04
20 Neza Ismail Maintainability Factors for Robust Maintainance Integrated Design (R-MInD) in Building Design Construction CTN08
21 Christian R. Orozco Assessment of Waste Management Influence Factors in Philippine Construction Industry Construction CTN09
22 Diocel Harold M. Aquino A Component-Based Method for Developing Flood Vulnerability Curves of Structures Disaster DIS01
23 Linh Tran Co-composting of municipal solid waste (MSW) with chicken manure by using ‘Serial self-turning Reactor’ (STR) system Environment ENV02
24 Choo Kok Wah Earthquake Resistance School Building Using Peninsular Malaysia Bedrock Response Spectrum Earthquake EQK02
25 SAFFUAN BIN WAN AHMAD Ground Motion Prediction Equations For Far Field Earthquake Considered By Strike Slip Fault Mechanism Earthquake EQK08
26 Sk Muiz Bin Sk Abd Razak Crack Detection in Concrete Plate Structures using Spring-Mass Damper System with Magnetic Sensor Earthquake EQK11
27 Ong Peng Pheng Nonloadbearing Concrete Blocks with Various Damping Devices Earthquake EQK12
28 Nubailah Abd. Hamid Pseudo elastic and cyclic response of heat treated NiTi SMA for Seismic Mitigation Earthquake EQK14
29 Duc-Duy Ho Vibration and Impedance-based Wireless Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring of Cable-Anchorage System Forensic FRC01
30 Foo Kian Seng Factor Analysis of Energy Efficiency Elements for Green Highway Index in Malaysia Green Infra GRN04
31 Muhamad Abduh Readiness of the Indonesian Construction Workers in Supporting Green Construction Green Infra GRN06
32 Widyarini WENINGTYAS Investigating Potential Demand of Bikesharing System in Bandung City Green Infra GRN07
33 Jamal Al Qaify Higher Learning Institution Challenges of Decision Making for Green Building Development Green Infra GRN09
34 Rasheed Adewale Salawu Fuzzy Inference Approach for Assessing Time Related Risk Factors on Highway Rehabilitation Projects in Nigeria Highway HGH03
35 Cheryl Lyne Capiz Evaluating the Causes of Delay in Philippine Government Road Construction, Repair and Rehabilitation Projects Highway HGH06
36 Kimheang LY Pattern Clustering and Spatial Visualization of Bangkok’s Traffic State Data Highway HGH07
37 CHING SOK Real-Time Estimation of Traffic State in Urban Area Using Live CCTV Images Highway HGH08
38 Ponjanat Ubolchay Linking the context of traffic signs and potential causes of traffic accidents for prioritization of replacement of traffic signs in Thailand Highway HGH09
39 Chhivhout Sor Identification of Traffic State Patterns on the Don Mueang Tollway Using Web-Based Data Highway HGH10
40 KORRAKOT PHOMSODA Effects of Transport Margin Reduction to Thailand’s Economy Using CGE Model Highway HGH12
41 Soknath MIL Improved Time Series Model for Short-Term Prediction of Travel Highway HGH13
42 Luong Van Hai Response of A High-Speed Rail Due to Heavy Braking With Possibility of Wheel-Sliding Highway HGH16
43 Munirah dawi saifuddin Sedimentation Analysis at Sarawak Kanan River Hydraul HYD02
44 Nur Hafizah Bt Abd Khalid Effects of Micro-Filler of Palm Oil Fuel Ash on Interfacial Porosity of Polymer Concrete Material MTL01
45 NUR FARHAYU BINTI ARIFFIN Effect on Compressive Strength of Epoxy-Modified Mortar with Further Dry-Curing Material MTL04
46 MOHD AZRUL BIN ABDUL RAJAK Pozzolanic Activity Assessment of Nano-Palm Oil Fuel Ash via Electrical Conductivity Test Material MTL05
47 Abdul Rahman bin Mohd  Sam Performance of Steel-Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Plate Bonding System Under Various Environmental Conditions Material MTL06
48 Nor Hasanah Abdul Shukor Lim Effect of High Volume Palm Oil Waste on Mechanical Properties of Mortar Material MTL07
49 Mostafa Samadi Effect of Homogeneous Ceramic Tile Waste on Properties of Mortar Material MTL08
50 Wan Norsariza Wan Husin Experimental Study on Strength of Polyvinyl Alcohol Concrete using Portland Composite Cement Material MTL10
51 Chai Teck Jung Strength Properties of 10 Milimeters Timber Clinker Aggregate Concrete Material MTL13
52 Jaime Angelo S. Victor Comparison and Assessment of Strength Properties of Concrete Incorporated With Local Philippine Recycled Concreted Aggregates Material MTL23
53 Sikiru Oritola Strength characteristics of iron ore tailing concrete Material MTL24
54 Aminuddin Jameran Toughness Properties of Steel-Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete under Elevated Temperature Material MTL25
55 A.S.M. Abdul Awal Influence Of Palm Oil Fuel Ash on Physio-Mechanical Properties of Prepacked Aggregate Concrete Material MTL35
56 Part Wei Ken The Effect of Hydrothermal Treatment on the Mechanical, Rheological and Durability Properties of Fly Ash Cement Blended Mortars Material MTL38
57 Nuria Salh Behaviour of Polymer Grouted Splices under Increasing Tensile Load Material MTL40
58 Lee Hoong Pin Behaviour of Steel Straps-Confined Concrete Column with Lateral Pre-tensioning Stresses under Uniaxial Cyclic Compression Material MTL43
60 Noulananh Lathsoulin Effect of fineness of Coal bottom ash on properties of concrete Material MTL45
61 Alonge O. Richard A Study on Natural Green Engineered Cementitious Composites Material MTL48
62 Arslan Qayyum Khan Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams with SFRP Composites Material MTL53
63 Arissaman Sangthongtong Behavior of Square and Rectangular Concrete Columns Strengthened with Hemp Fiber Material MTL54
64 Atipphat Suwattanakorn Axial Behavior of Concrete Externally Confined with Sisal FRP Material MTL55
65 Lalin Lam De-bonding of Chopped Glass Strand Mat (CGSM) Composites in Shear Material MTL56
66  A.S.M Abdul Awal Deformation Behaviour of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing High Volume Palm Oil Fuel Ash Material MTL59
67 Ali Umara Shettima Influence of High Temperature on Strength and Microstructure Properties of Concrete Containing Iron Ore Tailings Material MTL60
68 Syed Khaja Abbas Ahmed Semi-active Control of Jacket Structure: a comparative study Offshore OFF03
69 Yahiaoui Djarir Probability Analysis of Slope Stability Analysis Risk RSK03
70 Seng Sochan Applicability of Stiffness and Strength Correlation to Natural Subsoil Soil SOL07