Prof. Dr. Han-Seung LEE

Han-Seung LeeHan-Seung Lee is a Professor at the Department of Architectural Engineering at Hanyang Unversity, ERICA Campus at Ansan, South Korea. Currently, he is also the Dean of Students’ Affair at Hanyang Unversity, ERICA Campus. His research focus is on sustainable building materials, high performance concrete (high strength & high durability), durability design of structures, and rehabilitation of concrete structures. Before this post, he was the Vice Director of the Engineering Research Center (ERC) on SUSB (Sustainable Building Research Center) funded by Ministry of Education , Science and Technology (MEST) for 9 years since 2005 and also the Vice Director of SAPEC (Sustainable Architecture Professional Education Center) supported by MEST (Brain Korea 21 Program). During his term as the Vice President of the SUSB and SAPEC, he has worked for the realization of sustainable building and city by combining various materials technologies for the purpose of reducing CO2 emission and improving quality of life.

Durability of Building Structures by using Arc Thermal Metal Spray Method

IMG_6861Abstract – Coating for corrosion protection was popular during the past decade. Thermal spray coating played an important role during that time. In recent years, arc thermal metal spray coating became widely used. Arc thermal metal spraying method (ATMSM) provides proven long term protective coating systems using zinc, aluminum, and their alloys for steel work in a marine environment. This presentation provides a technical review of the latest development in ATMSM by evaluating the current techniques in the industry and by analyzing technical data obtained from an extensive experimental program.