Prof. Dr. Hidenori HAMADA

HinedoriHidenori Hamada is a Professor at the Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan. He is a member of JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineer), JSMS (Japanese Society of Materials Science), JCI (Japan Concrete Institute) and also KABSE (Kyushu Association of Bridge & Structural Engineering). His research includes construction materials development, durability of existing infra structures, and maintenance technology of deteriorated structures.

Possibility of Sea-water Utilization in Concrete Production, Mixing Water and Curing Water

SeawaterAbstract – In future, many countries will face a crisis of water scarcity. According to the report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation & the Development (OECD), nearly half of the worlds’ population will inhabit in areas with severe water stress by 2030. Thus, from a viewpoint of saving fresh water, it is important to conduct research on utilization of seawater in various fields including concrete industry. Actually, in japan, based on the experience of 2011 Great Earthquake, many researches were carried out in order to evaluate utilization of seawater in concrete production and saving fresh water for drinking or for life keeping. In this presentation, performance of sea water mixed concrete is introduced based on the experimental work carried out in Kyushu University. Especially, strength development, durability aspects, such as carbonation, alkali-silica reaction (ASR), and steel corrosion. The effects of seawater mixing, curing, mineral admixtures (FA, GGBFS) and environmental exposure conditions are discussed. Also. JCI (Japan Concrete Institute) are doing research activity from 2013. Some research results are introduced in this presentation. From world-wide literature surveys carried out in this JCI activity, it is concluded that many positive opinions are obtained for concrete performance mixed with seawater with mineral admixture, for example, GGBFS or FA. However, relatively negative opinions are concentrated on OPC used concrete without mineral admixtures. In this keynote presentation, I hope to discuss with many participants on sea water utilization in concrete production based on the experience in Japanese concrete engineering.