Prof. Dr. Eng. Hiroyuki TANAKA

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHiroyuki Tanaka is a Professor at the Division of Field Engineering for the Environment, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Japan. His research interest is on ground improvement by soil stabilisation. Others include characterization of soft sediments, including sampling methods and in-situ tests, the effects of sample quality and interpretation of laboratory test results, relating to the in-situ tests, and rheological properties for clayey soils with high water content.

Construction of D-runway at the Haneda International Airport

RunawayAbstract – To cope with strong demand of transportation by air flight, the forth runway (D-runway) was constructed at the Haneda International Airport, which is located in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. The runway consists of two different structures: reclamation and pile structure. The purpose of the pile structure is not to prevent water of the Tama River because some part of the runway is located at its mouth. In addition, large settlement was anticipated in the reclaimed area due to the thick soft clay layer. To solve such geotechnical problems, a large amount of cement treated soil were used in this project. The significant advantage in this method is its unit weight, which is considerably smaller than that of sandy soil, a typical fill material. In this lecture, properties of this treated soil with high water content as well as its design method will be introduced.