Transportation Around KL

RapidKL, KTM Komuter or Monorail

LRT KLUsing the metro is a very popular way of transport in Kuala Lumpur. At each LRT station (Light Rail Transit) there are big maps that tell you all the destinations of the metro in and around the city. You can also get a map at the small counter at each station. Tickets can be bought at the machines or at the counter. You can also buy a daily pass and other special tickets, like the Touch ‘N Go prepaid card that you can swipe when you go through the LRT gate.

There are three LRT lines in Kuala Lumpur. They are RapidKL, KTM Komuter and KL Monorail. Though stations are not always connected; together they do offer the possibility to travel through the whole city. RapidKL and KTM Komuter connect the city center with all the suburbs; while the KL Monorail runs straight through the city center. Tourists will discover that using the KL Monorail is a cheap, easy and fun way to travel through Kuala Lumpur.

KL Sentral is the ‘central hub’ for all LRT operators, the trains to KLIA (International Airport) and the trains to other parts within or outside Malaysia (neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand).

Mass Transit KL Map
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Bus in Kuala Lumpur

RapidKLBuses and taxis often go to locations where you can’t get to as easy by metro. Busses go frequently and they depart from almost every LRT station. Do not forget to pay when you enter the bus, this usually costs only a few cents (at most a few RM). You can pay the driver in order to get a ticket, but a machine might be easier. When you do not know the exact price you could ask the driver and try to have enough small change with you. The biggest public bus operator in Kuala Lumpur is RapidKL. This especially applies to tourists considering taking the bus as ‘fun’ alternative to other forms of transport within Kuala Lumpur.

Hop-on, Hop-off Tourist Bus Service

KL-Hop-on-Hop-OffIn almost every big city in the world tourists are able to use the Hop-on, Hop-off bus to explore the city in a fun and easy way. Kuala Lumpur also has its own double-decker Hop-on, Hop-off busses; easy recognizable because of the bright and flashy colours. The bus departs from over 20 locations throughout the city; often nearby or right in front of the most popular tourist attractions (the busses are wheelchair accessible). One of the best places to start the tour is right in front of the popular shopping mall Lot10 along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Here you will also find a KL Hop-on, Hop-off counter; where you can buy tickets (though you can also pay in the bus).


Taxi in Kuala Lumpur

Taxi KLThe easiest (but often also the most expensive) way to travel within Kuala Lumpur is by taxi. Taxis are almost always available at every corner in the city center. With a taxi you will always arrive in front of the doorstep.


Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur

Rental IrizThere are numerous car rental companies in Kuala Lumpur. When you drive a rental car in Kuala Lumpur make sure you either use an accurate map or rent a GPS system at the car rental company. Driving in Kuala Lumpur can be a bit scary. Luckily cars usually don’t drive that fast, and nobody will notice if you are driving in Malaysia for the first time in your life. Renting a car in Kuala Lumpur is only wise if you need to be mobile 24/7 and if taxis will not do all the time.

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