Message by Head of Department of Water and Environmental Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Water and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering. This Department comprises two main sections; the water engineering section and the environmental engineering section.

Water engineering which generally deals with clean water utilizes the principles of hydraulics and hydrology. Meanwhile, Environmental engineering is a broad discipline which involves planning, designing, construction, operation, maintenance and control of water and wastewater treatment facilities to ensure the provision of safe, economical, effective and efficient as well as environmentally sustainable water and wastewater treatment. Environmental engineering also covers on the management part of the overall component of environments such as through Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Department was set up in 1976.  It aims to train students to become leaders in civil engineering with environment and sustainability concerns in mind. The department has developed and promoted forward-looking academic research and internationalisation by having academic staff and research fellow from overseas, as well as establishing joint-research efforts with foreign institutions. The expansion within the last four years has increased the strength of the department to 44 academic staffs.

The department has been progressively reforming its curriculum to include emerging technologies and their applications in environmental engineering. Along with the Faculty, the department has introduced many courses to be chosen as elective courses in the senior years, towards producing graduates with various levels expertise with a specialised background.

Besides teaching, the department is also highly dynamic in research and consultancy especially in the field of water quality management, water and wastewater treatment, and waste management. The department trains students to become research professionals, well-versed in the latest technologies, in tandem with the Faculty’s motto to be Always Ahead. The well-qualified academic staff and the ever-improving environmental laboratory have been the backbone of the department’s success in attracting both local and foreign undergraduate and post-graduate students.