Welcome from The Head of Department


The Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology is one of four departments in the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The Department currently has 24 academic teaching staff and 5 technical staff. A unique feature is the close link with the industry and public bodies, which is integral to the department’s approach to research, education and knowledge exchange. The department is closely involved with several prominent local water industries, water resource related organizations and universities worldwide through academic links and consultancy projects.

JHH2The civil engineering profession particularly water resource engineering is evolving to meet the new challenges faced by society including planning and management of water resources and creating a sustainable future for all. The main scientific areas dealt with by the Department relate to both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the river basin, urban watershed, agricultural watershed, rural watershed, estuary, climate and coastal environment and the related water engineering works. The academic staff of the Department teach a total of 18 courses of the Civil Engineering curriculum, some of which are addressed to all the undergraduate students of the Faculty and others to those who follow the Master in Hydraulics and Hydrology programme by taught course.

The staff also supervise final-year students carrying out professional design project and undergraduate theses, postgraduate theses as well as PhD dissertations. The Department actively pursues innovative and significant research to address the challenges for water resource engineering in the 21st century, such as environmental hydraulics, climate change, flood management, coastal engineering and management, river basin management, peat hydrology and forest hydrology.


The department aims to deliver scientific break through that will lead to solutions by establishing several research groups under the umbrella of the Water Research Alliance. In addition, three of the department staff serve as leaders of water research alliance and the National Oceanography Directorate. The Department staff are also actively involved in various consultancy works led by the Centre of Excellent; IPASA and COEI.