Welcome Message from The Director

Assalamualaikum, Good Day and salam 1 Malaysia,

To our visitors, students, parents, prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students, I look forward to welcome you to the Department of Structures and Materials.

Over the past several years, building and infrastructure construction industries has transformed enormously, especially in the field of analysis, design and construction practices. The analysis and design methods have changed from classical to highly computerized procedures, while the construction practices are moving from conventional or traditional practices to more efficient, less labor intensive industrialized systems.

The transformation has to be adopted by all players in these fields, in order for them to stay competitive in today’s vibrant and dynamic job market. We, at the Department of Structures and Materials, are committed to provide excellent teaching and training to students and researchers in the structures and construction fields to produce highly competitive graduates. We strive to achieve this objective by providing comprehensive curriculum, and excellent teaching and research facilities. Our dedicated academics staff are well trained in their relevant fields and interests and are capable of providing excellent teaching and training to our students and researchers.

You are welcome to browse through our websites to find information that you may require about us or about services that we are offering in the department. I, personally ask for your apology, if the information given here is insufficient to meet your needs. However you are always welcome to contact me, or any other staff from this department should you have questions or need more information about our services. I hope that you are enjoying visiting our websites. You are also welcome to provide comments and feedback so that we can also learn from you to improve ourselves.

Thank you

Associate Professor Dr. Norhisham Bakhary
Director Structures and Materials
School of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University Teknologi Malaysia
Email: norhisham@utm.my
Tel: +6075531504