Materials Engineering Research Laboratory

The Material Engineering research laboratory provides testing facilities for evaluation and verification of construction materials particularly cement, aggregate, mortar and concrete under controlled humidity and temperature. A wide range of sophisticated non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment are available for structural appraisal of hardened concrete. The portability of these equipments makes it suitable for site testing. The laboratory is also equipped with facilities for testing of concrete durability and  destructive testing of hardened concrete, testing and evaluation of bricks, bridge bearings and other construction materials.

Major equipment include:
Curing and Testing Facilities
Humidity chamber – temperature and humidity control
Accelerated bath tanks
Furnace for producing bricks
Workability of fresh concrete equipments
Two units of compression machine with 300 tonne capacity.

Chemical testing equipment:
Sulphate content
Chloride content, rapid chloride test
Rapid alkali test

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT):
CAPO – pull out test for concrete strength
PUNDIT – concrete strength and crack depth
Schmidth/Rebound Hammer
Windsor Probe – bullet penetration for concrete strength and surface hardness
Cover meter – concrete cover, reinforcement size and position
Half cell – corrosion test
Potential Wheel – corrosion meter
Crack measurement, Concrete core drilling machine with various bit sizes