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The team of highly qualified and professionally recognized academic members are also actively engaged in research and development activities and interact with industries, statutory bodies by providing consultancy and advisory services, conducting specialized short courses and participating in collaborative research and development programmes. The department recognizes the importance of attaining national and international recognition for its research efforts and that participation in relevant research is extremely important for the development of staffs and the quality of the education experienced by students.

Parallel with the departmental expertise, the staff is encouraged to be involved in research. Research & development activities are mostly funded by Intensified Research on Priority Area (IRPA) Grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Other sources of research fund are provided by the Research Management Centre (RMC), UTM. From 1996 to 2002, 41 long term research projects were carried out with an allocation of RM 7.7 million. RM 0.93 million is allocated for short term research projects handled by the staffs of the department (click here for detail project list of long term research grants and short term research grants).