Structural Engineering Research Laboratory


The Structural Engineering Research laboratory are housed in a building covering a floor space area of 550 m2. The floor space area is shared with the Material Engineering Research Laboratory.

The structural laboratories are equipped with sophisticated testing equipment capable of conducting static and dynamic testing for materials and structural components either in small or full size model, steel and reinforced concrete beams, pre-stressed concrete beam, slabs, columns, wall, truss, bridge bearing, etc. The list of equipment and facilities available in the Structural laboratory are:

Lifting Crane:
A 20 tonne overhead crane, operational area: 17 m x 80 m, maximum hook height of 7.6 m
A 5 tonne portable lifting crane travelling on the open floor
Strong Floor System
A 13 m x 27 m reinforced concrete strong floor with 1 m grid anchor points. One of the largest strong floor areas in the region. It is a box type system with anchoring and loading facilities available beneath the main floor
Every anchor point has a carrying capacity of 500 kN and 350 kN in the vertical and horizontal directions respectively
Testing Frames
Universal testing frame for full scale testing with 200 tonne capacity. The frame height is 5.2 m and the testing clear height of 2.5 m.
Magnus frame: a self reacting frame with 40 tonne capacity. Frame dimensions 4.5 m x 0.8 m x 2.4 m high with the maximum testing clear height of 1.3 m.
Meccano set frame components: frame components can be assembled to form any required size and shape of testing rig.
Loading Actuators and Load Cells
Various capacity of static and dynamic actuators which are servo controlled (solenod valve with 4 way electrical control and three position cyclic loads) and screw jacks with capacity of up to 1200 kN
A range of load cells with capacity of 100 kg to 300 tonne
Three modular controllers – DARTEC-acquisition system, can also control actuators for static and dynamic loadings. The capacity range is 10 to 100 tonne.
Testing Machines
500 tonne Universal Testing Machine with capacities of 5000 kN and 2000 kN in compression and tension respectively. Loading actuators is servo-controlled for consistent load increments used for static and dynamic testing on reinforced steel bars and other materials for bending, tension and compression.
25 tonne Dynamic Testing Machine which is a smaller version of the Universal Testing Machine for testing of smaller materials or structural components such as fibres, threads, geotextiles, etc..
Two units of compression machine with 300 tonne capacity for testing of concrete cubes, cylinders, etc.
Specialized equipment:
Timber structure:
Facitlies are available for full scale test of frames or trusses
Equipment for producing glu-laminated timber
Test on timber strength-bending, compression and tensionSteel structure:
Facilities are available for full scale test of steel frames and trusses, model testing of steel frames and structures

Prestressed concrete beam:
This laboratory is equipped with a 1000 tonne pretensioned prestressing bed complete with jacking and anchorage facilities

To minimise data handling and obtain accurate experimental results, the Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with measuring instruments designed to the latest technology. This include computer based data acquisition and processing system which allows automatic data collection.

Available facilities are:
Data logging system: two units TML-TDS301 with 50 channels, and one unit ORION data logger of 400 channels maximum, 1 unit CR9000 measurement and control system which can monitor real-time measurement.
High speed data acquisition system with up to 100 kHz interval.
Various gauges – for static and dynamic testing – strain gauges, linear and direct measurement transducers, accelerometers, etc.

Computers and softwares
COSMOS/M, QSE, ATStructE, ASyst & DADisp, GTStrudl and hypersignal, LUSAS