Updated : 05/05/2016

  1. A Groupware System In Monitoring Construction Project Planning Approval : Goh Kai Chen
  2. Assessment Of Safety Level In Performing Building Maintenance Work In Malaysia : Ilyani Ismail
  3. Causes And Effects Of Delays In Aceh Construction Industry : Ibnu Abbas Majid
  4. Client Satisfaction On Contractors Work Performance : Hadiatul Aida Adanan
  5. Computerised Building Cost Estimating System : Mofti Marjuki
  6. Construction Of Precast Segimental Box Girder Bridge Using Overhead Gantry : JazIan Salleh / Mohamed
  7. Corrosion Management Of Steel Reinforced Concrete : Chiew Wie Sen
  8. Database Management Inventory System : Syahida Aripin
  9. Developing A Construction Industry Web-Based Learning System In Construction Management Education : Toh Tien Choon
  10. Development Of Civil And Structural Concultants Performance Evaluation : Jayaselvi
  11. Development Of Common Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS ) For School Project : Azhar Abdullah
  12. Development Of Database Management System (DBMS) Based On Elemental Cost Analysis (ECA) Methodology : Siti Khairizan Berahim
  13. Exploitation Of Contract Document For Construction Project Planning And Controlling : Aminudin Ali
  14. Extended Overtime And The Effect To Labour Productivity In Construction 1 Workers Perspective : Yap Ean Mei
  15. Factor Causing The Poor Performance Of Construction Project : Tatiana Rina Puspasari
  16. Faktor-Faktor Kejayaan Perlaksanaan Sistem Kualiti ISO 9000 Didalam Industri Pembinaan Di Malaysia : Khairil Azizi Mohamad
  17. Faktor-Faktor Kelewatan Dalam Projek Pembinaan Bangunan Pendidikan Mara : ldris Alias
  18. Faktor-Faktor Kritikal Bagi Pemulihan Projek Perumahan Terbengkalai : Fadzilah Ibrahim
  19. Homebuyers Requirements For Housing Development Within Districts In Selangor : Yong Hong Lee
  20. Implementation Of ISO 9001i2001 Quality Management System For Construction Biddings Procedures In Construction Management Practice : Berreksi Youcef
  21. Implementation Strategy For Industrialised Building System : Lim Pui Chung
  22. Industrialised Building System Formation Scheduling For Public Buildings : Allan Tay Eng Mian
  23. Integrating Construactability Into The Design Progress : Woon Kai Siong
  24. Late Payment Problems Among Contractors In Malaysia : Noor Zarina Mohd Nazir
  25. Maintenance Factors In Building Design : Rozita Aris
  26. Maintenance Management And Services ( Case Study .- Perkeso Buildings In Peninsular Of Malaysia ) : Ahmad Riza Hashim
  27. Maintenance Management For Batching Plant : Mok Yew Cheong
  28. Managing Construction Disputes : Caleb Dumisa Motsa
  29. Managing Construction Project Risks, Case Study: Contractors In Johor Bahru : Nafisah Abdul Rahman
  30. Masalah Yang Dihadapi Dalam Penyediaan Perumahan Polis Di Raja Malaysia : Azizee Ismail
  31. Payment Woes Among Malaysian Contractors : Muhammad Ehsan Che
  32. Pembangunan Sistem Pengkalan Data Bagi Proses Penilaian Tender Didalam Industri : Suraya Yusof
  33. Pembangunan Sistem Pengkalan Data Perolehan Bahan Latihan Di Institut Latihan Perindusrian Muar : Hj Zainuddin Hj Ahmad
  34. Penilaian Dan Pemilihan Pengurus Projek : Siti Hafsah Rosli
  35. Perlaksanaan ISO 9000 : Kajian Keatas Firma Kontraktor Di Malaysia : Naim Othman
  36. Personal Digital Assistants As A Mobile Inspection System At Construction Site : Ong Boon Thai
  37. Predicting The Performance Of Design- Bid- Build Projects : A Neural- Network Based Approach : Tan Chai Loon Caren
  38. Project Communication At Construction Stage : Awang Mortaza Awang
  39. Project Monitoring System (PIVIS 11) Case Study On The Constraints And Problems Facing At Users Level : Mohd Faizal Abd Hamid
  40. Risiko Dan Pengurusannya Dalam Pembinaan ~ Perspektif Kontraktor : Aslila Abd Kadir
  41. Risk Assessment Process Of Hazards In Construction Sites : Norliana Sarpin
  42. Salah Urus Risiko Dalam Pembangunan Projek Perumahan :Kajian Keatas Projek Perumahan Terbengkalai Di Malaysia : Norharnila Rosli
  43. Scheduling On Transportation For Industrialized Building Systems : Foong Kok Li
  44. Significant Usage Of Slab And Wall Form Technique In Industrialised Building Systems ( IBS ) For Low Cost High-Rise Apartments Construction : Redzuan Ab Rahman
  45. Simulation Of Industrialised Building System Components Production : Ng Soon Ching
  46. The Application Of Package Plant System In Upgrading The Existing Sewage Treatment Plant : Fazleen Hanim
  47. The Current Practice And Problems of Contractual Arrangement Ii) Construction Industry : Yow Soon Keong
  48. The Implementation Of Quality Management System ( ISO 9000 ) In Analysing The Workmanships Performance In Selected Projects : Chong Chuan Yee
  49. The Importance Of Pricing Preliminaries Item : Norhisham Abdul Ghani
  50. The Performance Of Felda Plantation Sdn Bhd Contractors : Ramzi Ibrahim
  51. The Selection Of Construction Project Manager By Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) : Lau Hui Seng
  52. The Study Of Problems Faced By Property Management In Managing The High Rise Condominium In Malaysia : Noraziah Azmin Abd
  53. The Sufficiency Of Current Training Curricullum For Different Industries And Adequacy Of The Minimum Academic Requirement For Safety And Health Officer : Sabri Zainuddin
  54. Urban Stormwater Manegement For Property Development Projects In Selangor And Negeri Sembilan : Mohd Yazid Abdullah
  55. Variation Orders In Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Construction Projects : Nor Hayati Ibrahim