Updated : 04/05/2016

  1. Building Refurbishment Project In Malaysia : Nur Khairul Faizah Mustafa
  2. Clarity Of Construction Contract : Chong Heap Yih
  3. Comparison Of Consulting Contract : Farial Hanum Nurul Ain Khalid
  4. Construction Safety Practices In Batam, Indonesia : Inda Eka Permana
  5. Contractors Application For An Extension Of Time : Norhana Danial
  6. Critical Causes Of Accident Under Reporting In Malaysia Construction Industry : Andy Lim Say Wai
  7. Decision Support System Framework For Feasibility Study In Construction Project : Nurjuliana Mohd Nazari
  8. Delay On The Zone Establishment Work Process In Non-Revenue Water ReductionProject : Desanan A/L Krishnan
  9. Development Of Integrated Floating House Conceptual Model For Flood Prone Area In Malaysia: Noah Project : Patrick Yau Siaw Yang
  10. Educating Early Awareness Of New Construction Philosophy : Zaim Basiran
  11. Effective Management Of Coastal And Maritime Engineering Projects : Mohd Azwan Sayuti Mohd Aziz
  12. Effectiveness Of Road Maintenaince Management In Mang District : Mohd Zaidi Zainal
  13. Electronic Document Management System In Construction Industry : Norul Izzati M.Ashaari
  14. Emergent Trend Of Malaysian Construction Industry: The Rise Of Facility Management : Cik Norazlina Mohd Kamin
  15. Managing Construction Of Telecommunication Tower Projects In Celcom : Zirwatul Hana Bte Pison
  16. Managing Ergonomics Risk Factors On Construction Sites : Michelle Zainab Baird
  17. Penyelesaian Tuntutan Dan Sistem Timbangtara Dalam Industri Pembinaan Di Indonesia : Nursyam Saleh
  18. Quality Control In Pile Management System : Teong Lay Ming
  19. Quality Performance Of ISO 9000 / 2001 Certified Contractors : Gui Hun Chuen
  20. Relational Contract In Construction Industry In Malaysia : Nurul Alifah Jatarona
  21. Reviewing The Current Practice of Professional Fess For Civil And Structural Engineering Consultancy Services : Salehin Salleh
  22. Roles,Skills And Personal Characteristics Of Project Manager In Construction Industry : Fadilah Binti Razalli
  23. Selection Of Temporory Drainage To Be Applied At Construction Site : Mashanim Mahazir
  24. Self Evaluation System For Construction Project Managers Performance : Mohd Farizal Supar
  25. Safety In Pre-Cast Construction : Bakeel Hassan Abdullah
  26. The Delay At Pre-Tendering Stage Of Projects In Accommodation And Works Directorate Ministry Of Defence Kuala Lumpur : Lakhbir Singh A / L Gumukh
  27. The Effectiveness Of Construction Equipment Write-Off Policy In The Royal Engineer Regiment (RER) : Chan Chee Sin
  28. The Effectiveness Of Pavement Rehabilitation At Kuala Lumpur Karak Highway : Onn Abdul Rani
  29. The Essential Aspects Of Fire Safety Management In High-Rise Buildings : Prashant A/L Tharmarajan
  30. The Level Of Compliance To Safety Audit In Construction Industry : Ahmad Fauzi Awang
  31. The Privatization Projects Implemented By Ministry Of Defence : Abdul Rahman Ibrahim
  32. The Problems In The Application Of The Micropile Foundation System In Malaysia : Halimmi Hashim
  33. Using Artificial Neural Network To Predict Power Plant Turbine Hall Key Cost Drivers : Ng Choo Geon
  34. Variation Control Affecting Construction Works For Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan (FELDA) : Nurul Uyun Mohd Yunus