Updated : 25/04/2016

  1. A Comparative Study Of Construction Project Delays In Johor And Sabah Region : Dayang Sabriah Safri
  2. A Critical Investigation On The Incorporation Of IBS Knowledge Into The Polytechnic Academic Curriculum : Erita Mazwan Hj Mazlan
  3. A Framework For Cost Assessment Of QMS For Building Contractors Based On Biological Immune System : Ali Kayrafar
  4. A Web Based Environment For Buildings Life Cycle Cost Analysis : Masoud Gheisari
  5. Achicving Sustainable Construction In Double Tracks Projects : Abu Bakar Othman
  6. Barriers In The Implementation Of Industrialised Buildings System In Malaysian Construction Industry : Kong Xi Haw
  7. Buildability In Bridge Construction : Case Study Of Sungai Johor Cable Stayed Bridge : Mardiyah Zahidi
  8. Building Maintenance In Tripical Climate : Farambod Mohammadi
  9. Cable Stayed Bridge Construction : Case Study Of Sungai Johor Cable Stayed Bridge : Lee Foo Wei
  10. Change Order Causes And Control In The Oil And Gas Construction Projects : Masoumeh Mosavat
  11. Connection Systems For Braced And Unbraced Precast Structure Due To Lateral Loadings – Quek Keng Hua
  12. Construction Site Noise Control : A Case Study For UTM”S Project : Fatemeh Nateghi
  13. Construction Waste Generated In Conventional Method Of Construction : Ong Eng Guan
  14. Cost Of Compliance With Safety And Health Requirements In Construction Site : Akmal Wani Sulong
  15. Delay In Issuance Of Certificate Of Fitness For Occupation : Colline Anak John Sitin
  16. Dispute Management In Construction Industry : Chai Chang Sa’ar
  17. Effectiveness Of Industrialised Building System ( IBS ) Implementation For Malaysian Construction Industry : Mardhiah Zawawi
  18. Energy And C02 Emission Evaluation Of Concrete Waste : Pooria Rashvand
  19. E-Site Organiser For Project Monitoring System : Ting Ding Kiat
  20. Factors Affecting In The Preparation Of Construction Work Schedule : Justin Bong Chunn Tat
  21. Factors Affecting The Contractor’s Mark-Up Size Decision In Malaysia : Tey Kim Hai
  22. Formulation Of Key Performance Indicators Through Implementation Of Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) In Student Hostel Privatisation At Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka – Mohd Raymie Anang Masuri
  23. Framework For Stormwater Asset Management : Masturianeh Musu
  24. Highway Maintenance Management : Case Study At Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan (PLUS) : Mohd Harzazi Harun
  25. Load Bearing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Wall In Industrialised Building Systems Construction – Fung Wen Pui
  26. Management Competencies For Preventing And Reducing Stress At Construction Site : Lim Wei Han
  27. Managing Variation Order In MARA Project : SH Ruzanna SY Baharom
  28. Project Risk Factors : Case Study Of Ministry Education Projects : Anida Suharti@Ami Ronida Basiron
  29. Quality And Satisfacation Of House Owners For Industrialised Building System And Conventional Building System : Hairuddin Mohammad
  30. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle And Recoverry Technique In Sustainable Construction Waste Management : Mohd Firdaus Mustaffa Kamal
  31. Safety Cost In Scaffolding Work : Nor Haslinda Abas
  32. Scheduling Simulation For High Rise Building Comparison On Time Impact : Asmadi Ismail
  33. Seismic Performance Analysis Of Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Tower By Friction Damper – Ong Peng Pheng
  34. Sick Building In Faculty Of Civil Engineering, UTM : Farah Nadiah Abdul Rahim
  35. Simulation Of Supply Chain Management For Construction Industry : Alaaa.A.Elkaseh
  36. Simulations Of Tasks In Bridge Constructions : Basheer Abdul Wareth Mohammed
  37. Status Of E- Business Implementation In The Malaysian Construction Industry : Mohsen Foroughi-Sabzevar
  38. Strength,Threat And Cultural Differences :A Case Study Of Malaysian Contractor In Indonesian Construction Project : Amer Faizal Aris
  39. Tahap Risiko Diperingkat Rekabentuk Dan Pembinaan Untuk Projek Di Jabatan Kerja Raya : Rosnita Abdul Rani
  40. Tender Evaluation Using ” Cut Off ” Method : Noorida Haswardani Nordin
  41. The effectiveness Of Safety And Health Assessment Syatem In Construction ( Shassic ) : Rohaida Affandi
  42. The Establishment Of A Selection Guidline For Construction Of Reinforced Earth Wall : Mohd Narowi Mat Tahir
  43. The Potential Of Objective-Subjective As Project Procurement Approach : Wong Teck Ing
  44. Vendor Managed Inventory In Condtruction Industry In Malaysia : Wai Soon Han
  45. Web-Based Application For Value Management During Judgement Phase : Nor Suraya Suaid