Updated : 25/04/2016

  1. A Green Cost Allocation Model For Office And Commercial Buildings In Malaysia : Behzad Hamidi
  2. Adequacy Of Contract Provision In Managing Construction Failure : Naadira Che Kamaruddin
  3. Apartments ownership and maintenance : Behzad Ahmadnia
  4. Application Of BIM In Sustainability Analysis : Hamed Golzarpoor
  5. Application Of Six Sigma Philosophy For Quality Management System In Construction : Mohamad Ali Ramli
  6. Brick Material For Construction : Rose Diyana Laily Roslan
  7. Building Information Modeling In Local Construction Industry : Hammad Dabo Baba
  8. Building Management System : A Case Study At Albukhary Foundation Head Office : Mohd Rizal Abdul Rahman
  9. Building Performance Diagnoses Using Post Occupancy Evaluation For Low Energy Office Building Practices : Hamed Ganjbakhsh
  10. Cadangan Perjanjian Aras Perkhidmatan (SLA) Untuk Aktiviti Di Antara Sektor Bisnes Dan Sektor Pakar Di JKR : Mohd Azmi Asif
  11. Challenges In Coordination Process For Tall Building Construction : Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor
  12. Collaboration And Communication Of Project Team In PWD Web Based Project Monitoring System : Redzuan Jaafar
  13. Construction Safety In Jakarta, Indonesia : Lanang Ardi Paringga
  14. Contractor’s Time Performance In Affordable Housing Program : Nazirah Ismail
  15. Cost Effectiveness Comparison Of Pre-Fabrication With Conventional Construction Method For RMAF Ground Defense Bunker : Tan Swee Kok
  16. Critical Success Factors For Contracting Organization During Recession : Azlinda Mat Lazim
  17. Development Of Quantitative Quality Cost Matrix For Malaysian Construction Quality Management System : Mukhtar Che Ali
  18. Dispute Resolution In Relation To Delay Of Construction Project : Tan Kian Soon
  19. Effective Project Delivery – Strategies For Successful Implementation Of Projects Under 10TH Malaysia Plan : Hairol Ab Rahim
  20. Efficiency In Construction Process : Tahrina Taib
  21. Evaluation Of Construction Equipment Acquisition Methods In Malaysian Construction Industry : Masoud Navazandeh Sajoudi
  22. Factors Associated With Communication Performance In JKR : Fazilah Musa
  23. Factors Influence Construction Time Performance For IBS In Malaysia Construction Industry : Siti Nur Hafizeanie Salahuddin
  24. Factors Influencing To The Selection Of Sewage Treatment Plant : Noor Wahyu Ngadimin
  25. Forensic Engineering Testing Techniques For Structural Assesment: A Case Study On Pre-Stressed Reinforced Concrete Bridge At Klang Valley : Gopinath Muniandy
  26. Hill Land Development Challenges In Penang Island : Anilarasu Amaranazan
  27. Improving Safety Control Of JKR Project Through The Inclusion Of Safety Requirement In The Bill Of Quantity : Norman Md Rabani
  28. Improving The Process Of Capturing Client’s Needs : Faizah Ibrahim
  29. Institutionalize Partnering In Project Management For Successful Project Delivery : Anita Sulaiman
  30. Integrating Green Initiatives Into Existing Commercial Buildings : Cheng Yew Leong
  31. Knowledge Management In Construction : Ee Lee Chuan
  32. Mobile Application Prototype For On-site Information Management In Construction Industry : Mehdi Nourbakhsh
  33. Project Management Maturity And Performance Measures Of Project Management Knowledge Areas In Jabatan Kerja Raya : Nor Hazlin Mohammad
  34. Proposal For Evaluation Methodology Of Competency Based Project Management : Rosiah Abu Samah
  35. Proposal For The Enhancement Of JKR Matrix Organization : Atikah Abdul Hamid
  36. Reviewing The Approval Process Flow Of Housing Development In Malaysia : Chau Kok Foo
  37. Risk Management Implementation In The Iranian Construction Industry From Contractors’ Perspective : Mostafa Ghadak Zadeh
  38. Road Maintenance Management System : A Case Study At Public Work Department : Nurul Wahida Mohamed
  39. Schedule Risk Analysis In Offshore Development Project : Budi Hermanto
  40. Six Sigma Approach To Real Time Cast In-Situ Slab Concreting Process Improvement : Seyed Ali Mousavi Niaraki
  41. Strategies For Managing Delay In MARA’s Building Construction : Khairunnizam Sulaiman
  42. Strategies To Enhance The Usage Of CAD Based Measurement Software (CBMS) : Nur Mala Ismail
  43. Techniques For Valuation Of Variation Works : Zulkhairi Ismail
  44. The Awareness Towards Green Office Facilities : Morteza Ghaempanah Tajabadi
  45. The Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Building Maintenance For College Tun Hussein Onn (KTHO), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia : Wong Chin Liang
  46. The Integration Of Quality Management System In Construction Industry : Lydia Nyomek
  47. The Organizational Structure And Human Resource Norms For JKR District Office With Projects Below RM10.0 Million : Shahrul Nizam Siajam
  48. The Potential Adoption Of Relational Contracting In Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia : Noraisah Kadirin
  49. Time Compression Using Fast Track Approach : Amir Azmi Nawawi