Updated : 25/04/2016

  1. A cross functional project management model for Siemens Malaysia : Vijay Ananda Raja Murugesu
  2. A practical approach towards sustainable renovation : Farhang Erfan
  3. A procedure for effective contractor evaluation method for Gamuda projects using evidental reasoning approach : Sri Viknesh Permalu
  4. Achieving sustainable campus in Malaysia University : Yap Kah Hoe
  5. Adaptation of GATEWAY as JKR process review to ensure project success : Noor Ainy Burhanudin
  6. Automated safety planning on construction site (Restricted) : Samaneh Zolfagharian
  7. Benchmarking JKR quality management system with industry best practice : Muhammad Syukri Khasim
  8. Capturing the sustainability issues in concurrent engineering design environment : Gan Yong Huei
  9. Construction safety management in Terengganu : Siti Hajar Abd Kadir
  10. Contractors’ perception towards public-private partnership in construction : Kelvina Kiu Siu Jen
  11. Critical factors influencing productivity in pavement rehabilitation : Shamsuni Salleh
  12. Critical success factors managing class F projects in Klang Valley : Zulkaplee Jantan
  13. Decision making framework for an earthquake resistant building : Choo Kok Wah
  14. Earned value management as a performance indicator for effective measurement to ensure PWD project success : Mohd Khairi Mohd Sanusi
  15. Energy efficiency in non-residential building in tropical climate : Mohsen Bakhtiari Boroojeni
  16. Establishment of value management framework for implementation in JKR construction project : Mukhzani Abd Latif
  17. Implementing customer service improvement plan in JKR : Hadzeri Hashim
  18. Implementing knowledge sharing in construction industry firms : Winnie Bong Chui Nyuk
  19. Improving on-site construction safety : Shazatul Nadia Mior Shahidin
  20. Influence of staffing practices on effective project management : Anees Ahmad
  21. Leveraging on lesson learnt in Jabatan Kerja Raya project management : Ramlan Hamzah
  22. Maintenance management of federal roads in Sibu and Bintulu division : Wan Khairul Anuar Wan Mohamad
  23. Maintenance of school buildings : Saromy Subry
  24. Managing unexpected events in construction projects : Amir Khosravi
  25. Motivations and barriers to the implementation of green building policy in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia : Welfred Chai Khai Hung
  26. Output specifications in design and build projects : Phang Chui Sian
  27. Perception of life cycle costing in Malaysia green building : Ng Wai Yoke
  28. Performance evaluation of consultants for project supervision management : Zainon Tohid
  29. Performance measurement system for Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia : Noor Rahim Suleiman
  30. Perlaksanaan pengurusan berkesan projek sistem binaan berindustri (IBS) di Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) : Fazilah Hatta @ Antah
  31. Personnel job satisfaction and job performance in Sudanese construction firms : Hani Mohamed Hussien Ahmaidi
  32. Potential retrofitting of UTM existing buildings to green building : Foo Kian Seng
  33. Potential use of palm oil fuel ash as a construction material : Pui Yun Fatt
  34. Problems and dilemmas of class F contractors’ participation in large projects : Mohd Ikhmil Faevwasz Mohd Hanif
  35. Productivity of Concreting work in Jabatan Kerja Raya building projects : Arnita Sofia Osman
  36. Productivity of rendering and tiling works for building projects scheduling : Resli Azha Mohd Zain
  37. Project management consultant (PMC) in Sudanese construction industry : Abdeliazim Mustafa Mohamed Ahmed
  38. Project management critical success factors in Jabatan Kerja Raya : Dzarif Yaacob
  39. Project quality effectiveness in renovation works at Telekom Malaysia : Mohd Asmadi Mohd Umar @ Kasman
  40. Qualitative risk management in Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Malaysia : Izzuadi Ishak
  41. Redefining roles and responsibilities of project team members in JKR matrix organization : Anuar Ngah
  42. Resistance towards job transfer among Jabatan Kerja Raya professionals : Muzammil Musa
  43. Risk assessment on safety in construction site : Vivian Genevieve Chung Hui Hui
  44. Safety culture on construction sites : Zarifah Sofia Abdllah Sani
  45. Scheduling software as a tool for monitoring and controlling JKR project : Zainal Abidin Sin
  46. Strategic stakeholder management methodology for programme and project success in JKR : Ismail Ibrahim
  47. The Development of small and medium sized construction firms in Nigeria using absorptive capacity : Bilau Abdulquadri Ade
  48. The effectiveness of risk monitoring and control on risk management practices in Jabatan Kerja Raya : Mohd Nazira Mohd Nasir
  49. The importance and allocation of risks in Malaysia construction project : Wong Ming Yien
  50. The potential of graph model as dispute resolution : Wan Faaizah Wan Husain
  51. The reliability and effectiveness of department estimate in tender evaluation : Che Ku Sufiah Che Ku Abdullah