Updated : 25/04/2016

  1. Achieving collaborative working environment using design and build platform : Chew Choy San
  2. Achieving integrated project design using Building Information Modeling (BIM) : Tan Mei Ying
  3. Adoption to online collaboration in the Yemeni construction industry : Mohammed Abdullah Musaed Al-Fareh
  4. Amalan housekeeping di tapak bina : Norliza Shahabudin
  5. An integration of industrialised building system with building information modelling to improve construction industry productivity : Seyed Saeed Banihashemi Namini
  6. Application of prevention through design concept into design process : Rizwan Ali
  7. Automated prediction of noise from construction site using stochastic approach : Nur’ain Idris
  8. Barcode and its potential application in construction : Balqis Hussin
  9. Building time comparison between conventional and industrialized building system using schedule simulation : Mohammad Mahdi Tahmasebi
  10. Challenges in managing construction projects in Palaestine : Mohammad Mousa Mohammad Abuallan
  11. Comparing conventional to industrialised building system construction costing : a case study of school building projects : Zuraidah Abdul Aziz
  12. Construction foreign labour skill drain : Huda Mastura Hailuddin
  13. Construction knowledge for improving buildability of slope construction : Nur Hidayah Zainal
  14. Construction project management practice in the Sudanese construction industry : Mario Makarious Ratib
  15. Construction safety in Kelantan : Mohd. Azlan Mustapa
  16. Cost benefit of lighting retrofit on exixting building towards energy efficient building : Armin Amirazar
  17. Cost comparison between IBS and conventional methods of construction : Reza Lak Ghasemabadi
  18. Cost control system for construction site : Lim Yong Khin
  19. Cost of safety compliance’s at transmission line projects : Prakash Sukur
  20. Cost-benefit analysis of potential Phootovoltaic Technology implementation for institutional buildings in Malaysia : Seied Abolfazl Pezeshkzadeh
  21. Delay in housing development approval : Wong Mee Na
  22. Design optimization for energy consumption in residential buildings through building information modeling : Mahmoud Shakouri Hassanabadi
  23. Development of a system approach for support decision making of refurbishment need : Seow Chee Wai
  24. Electronic field data collection system for highway inspection maintenance : Nor Husna Mohd. Ghazalee
  25. Energy consumption and potential retrofitting of highway Rest and Service Areas (RSAs) : Farinee Ainee
  26. Energy efficiency of Toll Plaza : Saeed Omer Ahmed Alkhail Balubaid
  27. Establishment of a work programme model for contractor : Ahmad Fauzi Awang
  28. Evaluating the appropriateness of using BS5228 for construction noise level prediction in Malaysia : Hamidun Mohd. Noh
  29. Evaluation of construction time performance and waste time reduction by utilizing lean paradigm : Ali Asghar Bavafa
  30. Executive dashboard reports for public sector clients in construction industry : Amir Hossein Borghei
  31. Feasibility study on the implementation of medium rise industrialized building system (IBS) in Aleskan Alshaabi project in Khartoum : Alaadein Abdusalam Elageb Adaam
  32. Foreign labour employment in construction project : Muhammad Ammar Jamadi
  33. Global warming potential of clay brick production in Johor : Siti Nur Zulaikha Mohamad Rasid
  34. Highway asset management system : Nurol Huda Dahalan
  35. Human comfort using passive cooler radiator in bioclimatic house : Norhidayani Mahidin
  36. Image recognition for measurmenet of quality in industrial building system production line : Moheb Rajaei Nia
  37. Impact of uncertainty on assembly of industrialized building system houseing using Monte Carlo simulation (RESTRICTED) : Hamed Rahnama
  38. Implementing lean production principles into the Nigerian construction industry : Adeyemo David Olusegun
  39. Improvement of ergonomics awareness on construction sites : Erni Fairuza Kornain
  40. Improving project delivery performance for Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia : Azli Mohd. Hashim
  41. Improving safety condition in Tehran construction project : Elnaz Khankhaje
  42. Improving site management system by integrating Japanese concept of management : Lum Wai Khuin
  43. Improving work motivation of first line managers in construction project : Jason Lim Say Kai
  44. Industrialized building system survey in Yemen : AbdulWahab AbdulAziz Ali Asaad
  45. Issue and challenges of class F contractors and improvement strategies to survive in Malaysia construction industry : Jeffryl Azniel Adzar
  46. Lead time in construction process : Nurul Arafah Ishak
  47. Lean construction to construction waste management : case study on high rise project development : Sivakumar Sivarajasingham
  48. Life cycle costing of pressurize pipeline system for project paddy irrigation in Kelantan : Mohd. Afzainizam Noordin
  49. Maintenance organization at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) : Mohd. Norazam Yasin
  50. Managing subgrade preparation process using GPS machine control system : Teoh Boon Siong
  51. Masalah kontraktor dormain yang berdaftar di Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB) : Asmah Munajah Ismail
  52. Measuring project success : Hairu Nazlina Ismail
  53. Minimizing delay in construction projects in Tehran, Iran : Mahdi Rafieizonooz
  54. Minimizing variation order on construction project due to design change : Hazrin Hamdan
  55. Optimizing the assembly process of an industrialized building house project using mathematical modeling technique (RESTRICTED) : Mohammadhossein Kashefizadeh
  56. Pengawalan kos projek pembinaan oleh kontraktor : Mohamad Sofiuddin Abdul Rahman
  57. Pengurusan penyelenggaraan bangunan di bawah seliaan Perbandanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka : Norfadhilah Zawawi
  58. Performance indicators of maintenance management system for Premier Polytechnic in Malaysia : Marshitah Muhamad
  59. Performance measurement of Value Management (VM) for the Malaysian construction industry : Mohsen Torabi
  60. Requirement of value management in construction sector at Malaysian Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) : Mohd. Naim Hamid
  61. Risk management for superior project performance in Petronas : Anuar Che Ali
  62. Road maintenance management system using geographic information system : Wong Yng Jeng
  63. Scaffolding practices at construction sites : Mohd. Azlan Shah Mohd. Din
  64. Self assessment green building index for residential estates : Noor Hamizah Baharin
  65. Shortest lead time for document management in construction for shortest lead time of projects using Microsoft Office Groove : Ali Zarebidaki
  66. Strategies for improvement of upstream oil and gas facilities fabricator planning and scheduling : Roslaily @ Mohamad Khairi Arjo
  67. The challenges in implementing incentive based contract in Jabatan Kerja Raya project : Nurrul Hudha Haryati Amzah
  68. The construction labor shortage in Johore Bahru : Muhammad Shahrom Mazlan
  69. The construction of residential houses in Gombe, Nigeria : Jibrin Hassan Suleiman
  70. The development of automated system for evaluating design changes fee using BIM support : Ehsan Shourangiz
  71. The effect of atticventilation on energy optimization in an existing green building : Mahdi Moharrami Meynagh
  72. The elements identification of green highways in Malaysia : Sani Balarabe Abubakar
  73. The impact of economic recession on construction industry in Malaysia : Mostafa Hosseini
  74. The practices of corporate social responsibility among construction companies in Malaysia : Athira Abdullah
  75. Time and budget overrun in the construction of town houses in Dubai U.A.E : Abdul Wahab Shaikh
  76. Time measurement for improvement for construction using deming theory : Kamyar Kabirifar
  77. Time overrun in construction projects at Malaysian Palm Oil Board : Abd. Jalil Ibrahim
  78. Toward Islamisation of construction contract system in Malaysia : Siti Zuraidah Zulkifly
  79. Vertical greenery system in Malaysia : Teo Kien Hee