Updated : 25/04/2016

  1. A study of waste materials management in construction : Idris Hassan Ahmed Musa
  2. Acoustic quality for classrooms in Faculty of Civil Engineering : Sogol Sarlati
  3. Adopting lean management in Nigerian construction industry : Ibrahim Hussein Adebayo
  4. An evaluation of effectiveness of approximate quantity method in estimating construction cost : Siew Sik Nguong
  5. Analysis of works programme activities for building construction in the Middle East : Hamed Rezaei Talebi
  6. Assessment of value management by using earn value technique in construction industry : Saman Mostafapour
  7. Building information modeling for structural demolition planning : Ali Ghasemi
  8. Building information modeling in planning and scheduling phase in Iran : Saeid Khalili Ghomi
  9. Building information modelling for improved construction communication supply chain : Pouria Bozorgani
  10. Building performance assessment in terms of energy consumption using building information modeling : Mojtaba Valinejad Shoubi
  11. Carbon Footprint and cost of emission in construction machineries : Bita Sadat Moeinzadeh Mirhosseini
  12. Causes and effects of delay in 77 meter DP2 diesel electric propulsion platform supply vessel project : Muhamad Fakhruddin Fauzi
  13. Challenges faced by architect as a project manager : Mohammad Mir Ghasemi
  14. Challenges of quality assessment system (QLASSIC) in construction industry in Malaysia : Farrah Rina Mohd Roshdi
  15. Challenges towards achieving sustainable construction in Malaysia : Suraya Johari
  16. Client perspective towards application of industrialised building system in private construction projects : Norlia Sofa Suraji
  17. Construction of residential houses a case study of public housing units in Gombe State, Nigeria : Magaji Ibrahim Sale
  18. Construction performance with executive dashboard : Mohammad Farid Alvansaz Yazdi
  19. Consultancy services in the Middle East construction : Sepehr Alerasoul
  20. Consumer behavior on energy efficient cooling devices : a case study : Farzaneh Moayedi
  21. Contract administration problem : Bakori Ahmad
  22. Corruption in construction : B Gevansri K Baskran
  23. Cost benefits study of solar photovoltaic implementation for residential areas in Malaysia : Noor Azland Jainudin
  24. Cost constraint effect to the maintenance quality : Haliza Ab. Karim
  25. Customer satisfaction towards the facilities management service at the plaza Merdeka shopping mall Kuching : Awang Ihsan Awang Yunus
  26. Decision making by manager in contractor’s organization : Azin Shakiba Barough
  27. Delay approval in private finance initiative (PFI) project in Malaysia : Mohd Asrul Adnan
  28. Design process improvement by integrating principles of constructability knowledge to the monorail system project : Sufian Husin
  29. Domestic sub-contractor in the Midlle-East construction industry : Peiman Pourbehzad
  30. Element of warranty of IBS system for construction industry : Annan vessinuk Sing
  31. Energy analysis and optimization of public building using building information modeling application : Aidin Nobahar Sadeghifam
  32. Energy efficient residential buildings assessment using building information modeling : Amin Fakhkhar Zadeh
  33. Ergonomics management for the control of sprains and strains in construction industry : Nurul Aini Osman
  34. Evaluation on benefits and problems of conventional and BIM based documentation through comparison method : Reza Barati
  35. Examination of IBS as green and sustainable construction through application of BIM : Seyed Meysam Khoshnava
  36. External cost of noise effect on construction workers using impact pathway appoach : Aifi Andrice Izhar Iswandi
  37. Factors affecting the success of a construction project : Ahmed Ali Badri Hamid
  38. Feasibility study of sustainability inclusion in construction planning process : Arash Taghi Nezhad Bilandi
  39. Foregn workers in Middle East construction industry : Seyedeh Sara Miryousefi Ata
  40. Glowbal Warming potential of building demolition activities : Farzan Ghavami Rad
  41. Green highway ecology and ecosystem preservation and restoration : Mudathir Omer Adam Arbab
  42. Health and safety in refurbishment projects involving demolition work : Mansooreh Rakhshanifar
  43. High rise building maintenance in tropical climate : Mehran Ghasempour
  44. Impact of planning software on improving performance in construction industry for a developing country : Hamid Aadal
  45. Implementation of integrated project delivery (IPD) and building information modelling (BIM) in the construction industry : Iman Kaini
  46. Implementation of noise management in construction site : Nur Muizzah Nawi
  47. Integration of Japanese 5-S system with last planner system on building construction project in Johor Bahru : Kane Kusnadi
  48. Issues and challenges in construction of roller compacted concrete dam in Malaysia : Assrul Reedza Zulkifli
  49. IT data warehouse technology for civil engineering sanitation project : Ali Salah Mohammedhusain Rabea
  50. Key peformance indicators for value management implementation in construction industry : Muhammad Adam Abd. Kadir
  51. Korean company practice in Malaysia : Md. Sazali Md. Dalib
  52. Life cycle assessment of cement industries in Malaysia : Mehdi Hajiali Larijani
  53. Logistic delivery needs for industrialized building system (IBS) in construction industry : Sergazy Tashimov
  54. Maintenance management of heritage building in Perak : Siti Nurul Asma’ Mohd Nashruddin
  55. Maintenance of water supply network in Bandar Abbas sea port city in Iran : Mohammad Zarin Far
  56. Management framework for disaster recovery with regards to landslides : Saeed Janbaz
  57. Management of variation order in Public Works Departments Malaysia construction project : Sharil Amran Amir Mohamed
  58. Managing cost overrun in Libyan construction project : Fares Saleh Tarhuni
  59. Mechanical properties of sawdust concrete incorporating palm oil fuel ash : Muhammad Salman Nazar
  60. Motivation and barrier factors of environmental management systems implementation in construction : Nur Syaheera Othman
  61. Necessary competencies of construction managers in a developing country : Pejman Ghasemi Poor Sabet
  62. Noise exposure to the workers in Malaysian construction industry : Mohd. Mursyid Sarbayni
  63. Noise management on construction site : Chai Kin Yun
  64. Occupational noise exposure among construction workers : Stephanie Stella Dawi
  65. Occupational noise exposure of construction workers in construction industry : Nur Fadilah Darmansah
  66. Portfolio risk analysis by using multi criteria decision making methods : Omid Ashoori
  67. Potential improvement for effective implementation of e-tendering system : Suhaida @ Suhana Kamarudin
  68. Potential of solar farm development at UTM campus for generating green energy : Shahrul Nizam Mohammad
  69. Practical approach for reduction of fuel consumption on earthwork highway machineries : Nurizan Ab. Rahman
  70. Predicting the required duration for construction activities using artificial neural networks : Hamed Golizadeh
  71. Procedure in negotiation amounts in construction project disputes : Suhaili Sa’adon
  72. Project information collaboration using P6 : Mohd Shahrizan Abd Rahman
  73. Project portfolio risk management based on group decision making methodology in fuzzy environment : Mohsen Aramesh
  74. Quality function deployment to achieve optimum design solution for transmission line projects : Mariatul Qibtiyah Ahmad Khalid
  75. Ranking of risks in Malaysian construction industry : Saeid Sadoughi Nejad
  76. Road maintenance and rehabilitation in tropical climate : Farah Nadiah Othman
  77. Roles and responsibilities of project participants as a determinant of risk mitigation for injury on construction sites : Allan Loh Wei Leong
  78. Safety management in surface excavation : Seyed Abdollah Mohassel
  79. Selection of material suppliers by the contractors in the construction industry : Alireza Ahankoob
  80. Selection of the industrialized building material supplier by analytic hierarchy process method : Mohammad Yousef Moravveji
  81. Social and safety elements in green highway index : Ain Naadia Mazlan
  82. Squattwer houses in the area of Johor Bahru : Afiqah Ziela Asri
  83. Stormwater management criteria for Malaysia green highway : Tuan Nor Hazwani Tuan Soh
  84. Stormwater runoff quality control in green highway projects : Yao Bigah
  85. Strategi meningkatkan penggunaan konkrit pratuang di Malaysia : Wan Hanani Wan Hassan
  86. Study daylightening ineducational building by building information modeling (no softcopy / CD) : Mohammad Hossein Zaeim Bashi Isaabadi
  87. Sustainable attributes in project feasibility study towards implementation of sustainable construction : Tan Kah Ling
  88. The causal factors for poor performance in the construction projects in the Gaza Strip : Fuad Y. M. Abutaha
  89. The characteristics of a sustainable bridge : a case study of second Penang bridge : Reza Ansari
  90. The construction of road diversion in swampy area at Jalan Lencongan Kurong Tengar, Perlis : Noor Izaidah Md Nasir
  91. The effect of green initiative to the builder corporate social responsiblities : Abidah Janah Mohamad Nor
  92. The effectiveness of maintenance management system of Politeknik Melaka building : Haslinda Amir Hassan
  93. The environmental protection through utilising sustainable material in construction industry : Teo Tze Meng
  94. The impact of the perception, culture and social to the development of industrialised building system in Malaysia : Wan Azizul Tajuddin Wan Hamidon
  95. The implementation of behavorial based safety (BBS) at construction site : Samineh Motamed
  96. The implementation of eco-labelling for construction materials in Malaysian construction industry : Seyedmohsen Hosseini
  97. The implications of organization structure used towards the project : Mohamad Amirul Faiz Mohd. Fozi
  98. The prevalence of stress among project managers at construction site : Raheleh Heydari Afshar
  99. The requirements for implementation of open building system in terrace houses in Malaysia : Amin Rasoulijavaheri
  100. The simulation of comfort of residential apartment by computational fluid dynamics simulation : Payam Nejat
  101. The use analytical method for selection of dispute resolution methods : Aref Charehzehi
  102. Time and cost overrun of construction projects in Malaysia : Mehdi Hassaniavarzaman
  103. Towards achieving green building intiatives at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka : Hassan Ismail
  104. Value engineering in costruction industry of a developing country : Ali Bagheri Fard
  105. Weightage factor for Malaysia green highway assessment : Mohd. Affendi Ismail