Updated : 25/04/2016

  1. Abandoned housing project in Malaysia : Izamudin Mohamed
  2. Application of interface management in construction industry : Mohd. Rozlan Misnun
  3. Application of sustainable development into project management body of knowledge : Tan Yong Jian
  4. Assessment of factors affecting the contractor cost overrun of building construction projects : Abdulrahman Haruna
  5. Assessment of reverberation time for all classrooms in Faculty of Civil Engineering (FKA) : Mohamad Fauzi Abdul Hamid
  6. Automated construction noise prediction by considering the variability of noise sources and outdoor sound propagation : Zanariah Jahya
  7. Behaviour based safety on workplace : Fatin Nadhirah Md. Shah
  8. Building information modeling for space clash detection in the design stages : Emad Kasra Kermanshahi
  9. Choice of alternative dispute resolutions in construction disputes : Fazzarieyyah Abd. Halim
  10. Comparison for components of cost overrun in construction : Liu Linbo
  11. Construction noise annoyance : Siti Nadia Mohd. Bakhori
  12. Construction site hazard mitigation during design stage : Julian Ding
  13. Contractor’s organization and work performance in the construction industry : Juhana Junid
  14. Cost comparison between conventional and industrialised building system in Malaysia : Mohammad Mohsen Shaghaghian
  15. Couses and effect of delays in GTPP construction projects in Iraq : Mohammed Khamees Saleh
  16. Customer satisfaction in a residential high-rise property : Mohd. Sukry Mohamed
  17. Delay in government project delivery in Kedah : Azlan Othman
  18. Economic comparison of industrialized building system with conventional system through cost estimation using building information modeling : Amir Faghirinejadfard
  19. Effect of handling time to supply chain management in construction industry : Eyman A. Omran Mohamed
  20. Effectiveness of construction communication using information technology : Nur Syahina Yahya
  21. Effectiveness of safety programs in Malaysian construction industry : Jaimey Attau
  22. Energy efficiency of street lighting at interchange and main line of highway : Norhaliza Hamzah
  23. Ergonomics awareness in construction industry : Hazwani Halipah
  24. Ethical behaviors in E-tendering based construction procurement process in Malaysia : Lee Zhi Kwong
  25. Evaluating the level of awareness on lean thinking concept in construction among higher learning students in Malaysia : Sanaz Tabatabaee
  26. Factors and values of willingness to pay for improved construction waste management : Amir Farhan Samsudin
  27. Fastening technology in construction for sustainability through building information modeling : Saeed Reza Mohandes
  28. Feasibility for singular sustainable building indicator : Seyed Reza Morshedi Estahbanati
  29. Financial assessment of solar PV system in residential sector of Malaysia : Mohammad Imran Karamouz
  30. Fire Safety in high rise residential building in Malaysia : Seyed Mohammad Hashemian
  31. Ground penetrating radar imaging and its application to pavement structural assessment : Nurul Hidayah Muslim
  32. Housing supply chain management in a rapid changing physical environment : Mohamed Salem Ahmedou
  33. Identifying the barriers in the development of building information modeling in construction engineering and management of educational systems : Ali Hedayati
  34. Impact of stressors on workers on construction sites : Nur Izieadiana Abidin
  35. Implementation of Industrialised Building System (IBS) in construction projects in Saudi Arabia : Hamed Abdullah Ahmed Alimuqais
  36. Implementation of risk management in small construction project : Gholamreza Dehdasht
  37. Industrialized building system value management using building information modeling : Hasanain M.Ridha M.Baqer
  38. Labours’ productivity in the construction site : Kiyanoosh Golchin Rad
  39. Life cycle costing of industrialized building system and conventional building system : Ali Mohammed Ali Naji Al-Attabi
  40. Maintenance of facilities at Danga City Mall, Johor Bahru, Johor : Norzarina Che Amaran
  41. Managing project features to mitigate construction hazards : Wahida Wahi
  42. Managing the delayed completion in construction projects : Debbie Melissa Clarence Botiti
  43. Monitoring of safety implementation at construction site from client perspective : Sharan Kumar Arumugam
  44. Noise prediction and measurement from construction sites : Nadirah Darus
  45. Noise prediction for open site activities : Dahlia Moktar
  46. Overtime in minimizing construction delay : Syahmi Saari
  47. Peranan jurukur tanah dalam industri pembinaan : Mohd. Aiman Mohd. Kamarol Bahari
  48. Perception on enterprise risk management implementation in Public Work Department : Nurfitri Senin
  49. Performance outcomes from industrialized building system projects in the Malaysian construction industry: consultants’ perception : Zalipah Ibrahim
  50. Pivotal factors influencing the performance of construction projects in Mogadishu city, Somalia : Abdi Aziz Ahmed Abtidon
  51. Precast concrete manufacturing performance dashboard design : Lai Siew Kee
  52. Prevention of fall on construction site : Suhaida Mohamad Sukairi
  53. Probabilistic cost-benefit analysis of installing extensive green roof in Malaysia : Amir Mahdiyar
  54. Procedures of variation order claims in government, semi government and private sector contracts : Siti Fatimah Zaiton
  55. Procurement methods and contractor’s bidding strategy in Middle East construction industry : Omidreza Amirsoleimani
  56. Procurement methods in reducing disputes for construction projects : Abdullahi Abdul-Aziz
  57. Reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) by mitigating ergonomics risk factors on construction site : Zuraini Swarno
  58. Reverse logistic for industrial building system construction project : Mohanad Kamil Buniya
  59. Safety budgeting cost for construction project : Firdaus Abd. Latib
  60. Simulation of assembly of components for industrialized building system : Ali Houssein Ali Zoubi
  61. Simulation of optimum throughput roof fabrication for industrialised building system (IBS) buildings (Restricted) : Siti Alessa Yahya
  62. Skop keselamatan dan kesihatan pekerjaan di dalam dokumen sebutharga : Norshafik Shahar
  63. The application of open building system for housing scheme in Malaysia : Hossein Omrany
  64. The effectiveness of 1 Malaysia maintenance fund on maintenance services for low cost apartments : Hendry Sastra Ismail
  65. The evolution of the Malaysia green building index in new residential construction : Leong Chee Yeong
  66. The impact of ageing population on the Malaysia construction industry : Noradawiah Muhamad
  67. The integration of occupational safety and health management within construction phase in Malaysia : Nabilah Johari
  68. The practice of time management in construction projects : Lok Siew Chin
  69. Urban and Regional refurbishment planning for affordable housing schemes in Malaysia : Hares Nikookar
  70. Variation order in construction project : Sofiyyah Ahmad
  71. Warehouse efficiency plan for decreasing waste and loss : Hojjat Boulaghi