Updated : 27/04/2016

  1. A Study Of The Plastic Life Cycle Assessment : Koo Chai Hoon
  2. Achieving Sustainable Food Industries .- Good Practies In Envirenmental Management : Fazilah Abd Manan
  3. Assessing Cumulative Watershed Effects By Zig – Zag Pebble Count Method : Timothy Nex Betin
  4. Biodegraduation Of Oil And Grease In Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor For Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment : Lee Chee Siang
  5. Development Of A Decision Support System For Drinking Treatment Process Design ( Water-Dss) : Chuang Kuang Hong
  6. Effect Of Magnetic Fields On Heavy Metal And Nutrient Removal In Leachate : Wan Salida Wan Mansor
  7. Effect Of Raw Water Quality On Coagulant Dosage And Optimum pH : Yannie Anak Benson
  8. Flood Damage Assessment Model Using Cost- Benefit Analysis : Nor Azliza Akbar
  9. Kualiti Air Sungai Berdasarkan Analisis Kimia Dan Kepelbagaian Alga : Nor Azman Kasan
  10. Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands Enchanced With Magnetic Field : Nazaitulshila Rasit
  11. Leachate Treatment Using Constructed Wetland With Magnetic Field : Noor Ida Amalina Ahmad Nordin
  12. Leachate Treatment Using Subsurface Flow And Free Water Surface Constructed Wetland Systems : Ain Nihla Kamarudzaman
  13. Nutrient Removal From Leachate Using Horizontal Subsurface Constructed Wetlands : Chew Ai Ling
  14. Software Development For Water Pricing Model : Aida Wee Sze Chia
  15. Subsurface Flow And Free Water Surface Flow Constructed Wetland With Magnetic Field For Leachate Treatment : Siti Kamariah Md Saat
  16. The Effectiveness Of Different Grass Types For Pollutants Removal In Level Spreader System : Som Cit A /P Sinang
  17. Treatment Of Acidic Raw Water Using Limestone : Nadiah Mokhtar
  18. Treatment Of Palm Oil Mill Secondary Effluent ( POMSE ) Using Fenton Oxidation System : Oii Boon Siew
  19. Water Quality And Shellfish Related Gastrointestinal Disease Cases In Kota Bharu : Aweng A / L Eh Rak