Updated : 27/04/2016

  1. A Pilot Scale Study Of Arsenic Removal From Groundwater Using Integrated Greensand Plus And Ferric Oxide Adsorption System : Mohd Noor Khamin
  2. Air Study Of Proposed Power Plant At Batu Pahat Using Gaussian Model : Duratul Ain Tholibon
  3. Appropriate Instrumentation Control And Automation In Wastewater Treatment System : Taslim Panot
  4. Assessment On Water Quality And Biodiversity Within Sungai Batu Pahat : Nurhidayah Hamzah
  5. Color Removal From Wastewater Sample Using Electrical Process : Ng Pei Feng
  6. Degradation Of Palm Oil Mill Secondary Effluent ( POMSE ) Using Biostructure : Nurul Bahiyah Abd Wahid
  7. Degradation Of Palm Oil Mill Secondary Effluent ( POMSE ) With Solar-Fenton : Kon Suh Kee
  8. Determination Of Domestic Wastewater Characteristics And Its Relatign To The Type And Size Of Developments : Sohaimi Kling
  9. Effects On Irrigation Water Sodicity And Salinity On Soil Hydraulic Conductivity Of Agriculture Land : Siti Nurulhuda Mohd Imra
  10. Effecttiveness Of Sediment Basin And Silt Traps At Oil Palm Plantations : Nur Syahiza Zainuddin
  11. Efficiency Of Aeration System In Wastewater Treatment Plants : Sri Ruthira Kumar
  12. Extended Aeration : A Comparative Study Between Prefabricated Reinforced Fiberglass And Concrete Cast In-Situ Plants : Mohd Shukri Abdul Razik
  13. Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Free Water Surface Constructed Wetlands : Sib Rabe~’ah Othman
  14. Leachibility Study Of Acid Sulphate Soil In Sungai Bekok Catchment : Zulkifli Said
  15. Performance Of Biodrum In Malaysia : Kan Yew Fei
  16. Performance Study On Dissolved Air Flotation ( DAF ) Unit And Process Performance Improvement Study In The Physico Chemical Treatment Of Wastewater : Lee Seng Chow
  17. Population And Landuse Based Model In Sewarage Catchment Strategy For Sungai Siput ( N ) : Subramaniam
  18. Rejection Of Endocrine Disrupting Chemical ( EDC ) Using Nanofiltration : Joan Dolly Chung Zie Wei
  19. Sewage Sludge Cake ( Biosolids ) Management And Disposal Strategy : Noorhashim Baron
  20. Treatment Of Textile Dyeing Wastewater Using Biostructure Under Anaerobic Condition : Muhamad Fahmi Shukor