Updated : 27/04/2016

  1. Application Of Geografic Information System In Water Quality Study On A Road Construction Project : Noorazlinda Abdul Razak
  2. Application Of GIS In Air Quality Monitoring Of A Road Construction Project : Zaity Syazwani
  3. Awareness On The Implementation Of Life Cycle Assessment In Light Industries : Tuan Noorunnazifah Tuan Ahmad
  4. Comparison Of Water Quality And Habitat Assessment Between Wetland And River : Nurul Hana Mokhtar Kamal
  5. Development Of Air Quality Profile By Using Gaussian Plume Dispersion Model : Nurul Izma Mohammed
  6. Development Of Biogranules And Their Application In Treating Synthetic Textile Waste Water : Mohd Zuhaili Mohd Najib
  7. Development Of River Restoration Plan For Upstream Tributary Of Sungai Pulai Based On Water Quality And Land Used Activities : Azamuddin Arsad
  8. Effect Of Landuse Changes Of Water Quality And Green Mussels ( Perna Voridis ) Due To Development Along Danga Pendas Coastal-Area : Norliyana Adnan
  9. Effect Of Temperature On Submerged Membrane Activated Sludge Reactor : Sabariah Abdul Rahman
  10. Electro Coagulation For Suspended Solid Removal In Domestic Wastewater Teatment : Muhammad Taufiq Rahmalan
  11. Emissions Of Gaseous And Particulate Pollutants Of Ocean-Going Vessel Johor Port : Muhammad Hanis Wahab
  12. Impact Of Fertilizer Application At UTM Farm On Water Quality Of A Catchment Area : Lavania A/p Baloo
  13. Impact Of Water Quality On Seagrass Meadow At Tanjung Kupang : Shaikhah Sabri
  14. Impacts Of Landuse To Water Quality,Mangrove Forest And Seagrass Meadow At Sungai Pulai Estuary : Naseem Asllah Abu Kassim
  15. Operational Start Up And Performance Of Anaerobic Stage Reactor Treating Glucose Synthetic Wastewater : Rosnani Alkarimiah
  16. Public Awareness And Willingness To Recycle Spent Nickel-Cadmium ( NI-CD ) Rechargeable Batteries : Abu Bakar Abu Bakar Yahaya
  17. Recovery And Recycling Processes Of Scheduled Waste In Malaysia : Norhasmi Hassan
  18. Removal Of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Using Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membrane : Azri Rasyidi Abd Razak
  19. Reusing Treated Waste Water In Concrete Production : Thavamalar A / P Muniandy
  20. Sewage Sludge Land Application For The Growth Of Edible Plants : Mohd. Hafizan Mohd. Hafiz
  21. The development Of Decision Support System For The Selection Of Wastewater Treatment Process And Plant Design : Fadzlin Md Sairan
  22. The Potential Of Roof Runoff As A Solution For Water Scarcity Problem : Harizah Hamzah
  23. The Use Of Contingent Valuation Method ( Willingness To Pay ) In An Environmental Assessment Of A Dredging Project : Jessie Grace Goh Poh Ling
  24. The Use Of Willingness-To-Pay ( WTP ) Method To Identify Potential For Use Of Solar Energy : Norleen Fariza Abdol Mulok
  25. Urban Heat Island Mitization Through Green Roof Technology : Roslina Sapawi
  26. Utilization Of Optical Satellite Data For Measuring Carbon Dioxide At Felda Maokil : Muhammad Noor Hazwan Jusoh
  27. Water Quality And Fish Habitat Assessment Of River In Johor Sungai Dengar, Sungai Tui And Sungai Mengkibol : Herni Halim
  28. Watering Of Landscape Plants Using Wastewater Treated With Terminalia Catappa : Nurfarhain Mohamed Rusli