Updated : 27/04/2016

  1. Anaerobic co-digestion process of fungi treated oil palm mesocarp fibre and cattle manure : Ain Zubaidah Mohd. Sabri
  2. Biodegradation and metabolic pathway of cresol red dye by selected fungi : Meor Mohd. Fikri Ahmad Zubir
  3. Characterisation and thermal behaviour of sludge and crumb rubber brick : Sophia Jimy Abdullah
  4. Combination of dried water hyacinth and oil palm empty fruit bunch biomass briquette as alternative fuel : Siti Fatimah Kamaruddin
  5. Determination of nutrients and metals content in liquid generated from composted food waste : Nur Hanismahiza Muda
  6. Effect of cations on microbial aggregation using Brevibacillus panacihumi strain ZB1, Lysinibacillus fusiformis strain ZB2 and Enterococcus faecalis strain ZL : Muhammad Anwar Alias
  7. Heavy metals removal from landfill leachate using Vertiveria zizanioides and artificial roots : Mohammad Safwan Mohd. Yani
  8. Inhibition of sulphate reducing bacteria to enhance methane yield in anaerobic digester : Mohamad Syahrul Syazwan Yaacob
  9. Landfill site suitability using geographic information system and analytical hierarchy process : Izni Izzati Mohamad
  10. Phytoremediation system for treating metals in ceramic industry wastewater treatment : Siti Hanna Elias
  11. Removal of Bisphenol A from aqueous solution by adsorbing onto an activated carbon of the agricultural waste : Riry Wirasnita
  12. Removal of Phosphorus from domestic wastewater using discontinuous aerobic anoxic reactor : Nur Atikah Abdul Salim
  13. Water quality modeling for Johor river basin using soil and water assessment tool model : Ainul Syarmimi Rosli