Updated : 27/04/2016

  1. Activated carbon developed from bamboo stems for adsorption of brilliant green and procion red : Shamira Sharmin Mohd. Zali
  2. Determining emergency evacuation aid for flood disaster preparedness : Nurshafeena Kamal
  3. Influence of heavy metal concentration on the growth of green mussels in the straits of Johor : Noor Hazwani Zunazri
  4. Mapping of point source pollution loading on upstream Skudai river : Janizan Abu Kassim
  5. Nutrients and heavy metals in the straits of Johor : Mufidatul Iman Yusof
  6. Photodegradation of methylene blue and phenol under visible light applying nitrogen and sulphur co-doped TiO2 catalyst : Nur Farhan Zon
  7. The application of waste glass as partial replacement for cement in concrete : Yvonne William Tonduba