Updated : 25/04/2016

  1. A Comparison Between Static Load Test And High Strain Dynamic Test On Bored Piles : Michael Angelo A / L Murugan
  2. A Comparison Of Pile Performance Base On Static Formulas And Dynamic Load Test : Muhd Harris Ramli
  3. A Study On Stress – Strain Behaviour Of Granite And Sandstone Using Closed – Circuit Servo -Controlled Testing Machine : Rini Asnida Abdullah
  4. Alternative Design Of Foundations Subjected To Uplift For Transmission Line Tower : Purushothaman Nair
  5. Behaviour Of Filled Joint Under Shear Loading : Ong Heng Yau
  6. California Bearing Ratio Correlation With Soil Index Properties : Mak Wai Kin
  7. Comparison Between Predicted And Observed Settlement Of Vertical Drain Treated Road Embankment On Soft Clay : Mohd Redzuan Ahmad
  8. Comparison Of Predicted Settlement Behaviour To The Field Measurement Of Stone Column Improved Ground : Selvern S / 0 Raman
  9. Compressibility Characteristics Of Fibrous Peat Soil : Yulindasari
  10. Criteria Of Acceptance For Constant Rate Of Strain Consolidation Test For Cohesive Soil : Lam Chee Siang
  11. Determination Of Optimum Concentration Of Lime Slurry For Soil Stabilisation : Mohammad Sofian Abdullah
  12. Pembentukan Corak Resipan Disebabkan Oleh Penyusupan Hujan : Adnan Ismail
  13. Penclekatan Penilaian Untuk Analisa Cerun Tanah : Mohd Hazreek Zainal Abidin
  14. Penentuan Kestabilan Cerun DiSebabkan Oleh Hujan : Marhana Abd Latiff
  15. Prediction Of Ultimate Load Bearing Capacity Of Driven Piles : Wong Charng Chen
  16. Shear Strength Improvement Of Peat Soil Due To Consolidation : Vivi Anggraini
  17. The Compressibility Of Fill Subjected To Applied Stress And Inundation : Mohamed Muftah R. Alrowaimi
  18. The Correlations Of Engineering Characteristics Of Johor Coastal Clay : Muzamir Hasan