Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. Back Analysis Of Failed Slope And The Remedial Measures : Amizatulhani Ngah Samad
  2. Comparison Between Methods Of Analysis For Deflection Of Laterally Loaded Piles : Low Siaw Mei
  3. Comparison Of Ultimate Bearing Capacity Obtained By Pile Driving Analyzer And Maintained Load Test : Kamalendran A / L N. Rajaswaran
  4. Correlation Between Compressibility Characteristics And Physical Properties Of Cohesive Soil : Norziaty Mohd Noor
  5. Correlation Between Cone Penetration Test And Bearing Capacity For Shallow Foundation : Mazian Ahmad
  6. Correlation Between N-Value From Standard Penetration Test And Allowable Bearing Capacity Of Soil : Raguraman Jayakumaran
  7. Correlation Of Cone Resistance With Undrained Shear Strength For Clay Soil : Ismail Abd Rahman
  8. Correlation Of Engineering Characteristics Of Marine Clay From Central West Coast Of : Suriawati A / P Ramamoorthy
  9. Deformation And Stability Analysis Of A Cut Slope : Marsyitah Md Nujid
  10. Effect Of Soil Permeallibity On The Stability Of Slope : Mohamed Elbyhagi
  11. Load Transfer Behaviour Of Bored Piles In Old Alluvium Formation : Liknaswaran S / 0 Kobarajah
  12. Numerical Modeling Of Diaphragm Wall In Kuala Lumpur : Ng Huat Hoe
  13. On Bank Volume Estima tion Using Close Range Photogrammetry For Quarry Production : Jeffery Tay Guan Kiat
  14. Seepage Flow In Homogeneous And Zoned Earthfill Dams : Sib Norafida Jusoh
  15. Stabilisation Of Organic Clay Using Lime-Added Salt : Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus
  16. The Coefficient Of Consolidation Of Cohesive Soil By Using Constant Rate Of Strain Method : Abdalla Ali Agwila