Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. Capillary Barrier Effect On The Response Of Residual Slofe To Rainfall Infiltration : Erwin Chai Pak Shin
  2. Effect Of Lamination On Rock Properties Under Uniaxial Loading : Ooi Chow Ern
  3. Effects Of Prefabricated Vertical Drain On The Performance Of Embankment On Soft Ground : Yang Eik Hien
  4. Kajian Parametrik Bagi Corak Aliran Resipan Bagi Lapisan Turapan : Edward Lim Kang Huang
  5. Liquefaction Hazard Potential Of Sultan Mahmud Airport : Ahmad Che Ab Salam
  6. Performance Of Ground Improvement By Precompression And Vertical Drain : Rosdi Mohammed
  7. Performance Of Multi Propped Deep Excavation In Kenny Hill Formation : Law Kim Hing
  8. The Geotechnical Propertices Of Pulverised Fuel Ash ( PFA ) As Road Embankment Construction Material : Norazlan Khalid
  9. Transient Seepage Trend Through Zones Earthfill Dam : G Jaganat S/ O Gunalan