Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. Axial bearing capacity of piles and modelling of distribution of skin resistance with depth : Ehsan Momeni
  2. Correlations between compression index and basic soil parameters for fine grained soils in Peninsular Malaysia : Nooraini Humam
  3. Effect of applied load on the stability of unreinforced and reinforced slopes : Loke Kok Foong
  4. Effect of changing suction on shear strength of unsaturated soil : Syaiful Marzuki Roslan
  5. Effect of soil nail on slope stability : Mohd. Faiz Mohammad Zaki
  6. Effect of soil nailing on the stability of a rectified slope : Ngu Siaw Ling
  7. Effectiveness of piled strip raft foundation as an alternative design of pile to set foundation on thick soft clay : Puspanathan Subramaniam
  8. Effects of excavation sequence and heading distance on settlement in New Austrian tunneling method : Houman Sohaei
  9. Evaluation of factors affecting the deformation behaviour of braced excavation : Ordiah Evans Vans
  10. Influence of moisture content on the strength index of shale and sandstone : Dayang Zulaika Abg. Hasbollah
  11. Interpretation of ultimate pile capacity based on Maintain Load Test (MLT) : Firra A. Roslan
  12. Joint orientation measurement using close range photogrammetry : Eng Boon Cheng
  13. Landslide risk assessment analysis using Monte Carlo simulation (RESTRICTED) : Mohd. Kamal Ikhwan Zulkefly
  14. Limit equilibrium method and finite element method in slope stability analysis : Izwan Shah Ahmad
  15. Modification of slope maintenance program along FT59, Jalan Tapah-Cameron Highland, Perak : Ahmad Khairul Zamzuri
  16. Optimization of retaining wall in deep excavation for basement work : Muhammad Fahmi Johan
  17. Performance analysis of reinforced stone columns based on finite element : Razieh Moradi
  18. Performance of embankment on bamboo-geotextile composite reinforced soft clay : Bakhtiar Affandy Othman
  19. Performance of mobile jack-up units in various subsoil conditions : Fatimah Az-Zahra’ Sha’ari
  20. Petrological and strength properties of granite in Johor : Grace Wong Ming Chia
  21. Prediction of flyrock in boulder blasting by using artificial neural network : Danial Jahed Armaghani
  22. Prediction of lateral load bearing capacity by International Union of Railways (UIC) / Office for Research and Experiments (ORE) method : Chandran Kartar Singh
  23. Prediction of shaft resistance of bored pile in limestone formation : Chew Siow Jin
  24. Preloading and prefabricated vertical drain technique for soft ground improvement in soft clay : Affiz Syam A. Razak
  25. Re-evaluation of settlement for reclaimed land : Mior Saifulnizam Mior Jamal
  26. Shear strength parameters of shale based on triaxial compression test : Behnam Yazdani Bejarbaneh
  27. Simulation of blasting induced ground vibration by using artificial neural network : Seyed Ahmad Noorani
  28. Simulation of slope stability analysis : Norhayati Abd. Wahab @ Dul Ahad
  29. Slope stability analysis due to tree induced suction : Nurul Afiza Mhd. Nasir
  30. Soil suction profile due to tree induced suction : Farah Farhana Sulaiman
  31. The effect of chemicals on permeability and shear strength characteristics of soils : Shin To Amiri
  32. The effect of soil-root interaction by Vertiver grass on slope stability : Aizat Mohd. Taib @ Taib
  33. Ultimate bearing capacity of piles in cohesive soil using cone penetration test results : Norhayati Yusoff